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Gianni Versace, Ex Assistant Designer Responsible of Milan Fashion Campus Announce Their New Preparatory Fashion Program.

Press release January 4, 2016 Fashion Travel and Tourism MODA Stylist Study fashion Milan Masterclass Fashionweek Fashionshow Course Design Italy

Summary: Preparatory courses are created for students without prior knowledge or experience in the field. They aim to let participants understand the fashion styling and design lessons right from the beginning with theorical part and workshops. It's the perfect way to improve fashion skills with students from all over the world and start your adventure into the fashion world. Courses are open all year round, and enrollment is each Monday.


Milan Fashion Design Academy by Milan Fashion Campus and Angelo Russica are pleased to announce that enrolment is open for their latest Preparatory Fashion Program. The program is divided in three sections, each one aims to give students different knowledge and skills in order to create a completed final result usefull to start a career into the fashion field. 

The first part is about Trend Forecasting and Fashion Styling. It is a sort of introduction to the fashion world, analyzing the development of styles and trends, The Fashion Styling course includes the study of different body and face shapes, plus personal colors in order to enhance best physical characteristics according the situation, lifestyle and personality. With the Trend Forecasting course it will be defined the connection between new upcoming trends, customers, culture and lifestyle through a trend analysis. 

The second section is about design, free hand and with computer specific programs to allow students to translate their creative ideas into a visual representation with illustrations and drawings. During this part students will be also focused on a special project for a defined brand, using real fabrics, to create a collection that will be included in their own portfolio. 

To provide a complete program, the last part will be dedicated to the creation of an online Portfolio. It is one of the main important tool for everybody who wants to work in fashion, to collect – and manage - all the documents. It is necessary to understand how to use and communicate with media to reach a huge range of contacts and let you know.  

The courses have gained such a reputation they attract students from all over the world who want to study in the fashion capital of the world. The courses by Milan Fashion Campus give an opportunity for designers to study in Milan, Italy and be taught by experts in their field. 

The fashion courses, which have become one of the most recommended fashion courses in the world, give people the opportunity to study in one of the major fashion centres in Italy under the guidance of designer Angelo Russica. The courses are accessible throughout the year, and enrolment occurs each Monday. Upon completion of the course, students can add the Certificate of Study from Milan Fashion Campus to their resume. 

Preparatory Fashion Program lasts 3 month & 2 weeks:

2 weeks Fashion Trend Forecasting

3 weeks Women Fashion Styling Course

4 weeks Women's Fashion Design

4 weeks Women Collection Design

2 weeks Portfolio 

For more details on the courses available by Milan Fashion Campus, please visit

About the Founder of Milan Fashion Campus 

The founder of Milan Fashion Campus is Angelo Russica, who was born and raised in Switzerland with sicilian origins. 

After his fashion studies in Milan, Angelo Russica made his first steps into the fashion world assisting Giorgio Correggiari, where he met Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana (Dolce & Gabbana). He had to leave for military service for one year. Once he came back he worked with the Italian company Barbas (Menswear Collection), after this he had one of his most exciting professional experience: He began working as an assistant designer for Gianni Versace. He worked for 5 years participating in Women's Wear and Menswear collections: Genny, Spazio and Versus.

After this experience, he left Italy for 4 years for Spain: Here he worked with Induyco – El Corte Inglés in Madrid. Once he returned, he started working as a consultant for Gruppo Marzotto, Miroglio Vestebene, Gruppo Max Mara, also in Japan with one of the most important apparel Maker World Company, King Company.

Contact Information 

Contact Person: Angelo Russica 

Organization: Milan Fashion Campus 

Address: Via Broggi 7 20129 Milano ITALY

Contact Telephone: Tel.0039.02.26822730 

Email:[email protected]


Fashion Travel and Tourism MODA Stylist Study fashion Milan Masterclass Fashionweek Fashionshow Course Design Italy