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Future prospects look bleak for the still and sparkling wine markets in France

Press release July 3, 2014 Still and Sparkling Wine Market in France, French Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Wine France

The report presents detailed data on the Still and Sparkling Wine consumption trends in France, historic and forecast consumption volume and value at market and category level.

The wine market in France has witnessed drastic changes in the past few years due to the ongoing financial crisis as well as the changing consumption habits of the French population. These market conditions have greatly impacted the growth of the French sparkling wineand still wine markets, stagnating its growth prospects significantly. According to recent research the overall wine industry in France will continue to suffer negative growth straight upto 2017, both in terms of value and volume.

This report: The Future of the Still and Sparkling Wine Market in France to 2018 presents detailed data on the still and sparkling wine consumption trends in France,citing the key market drivers and highlights the prospects of this market. The report analyzes the present market situation shares veritable data insights that help in the identification of categories and segments are in the ascendency in the coming years.



Prevalent market conditions and trends

Wine consumption in France has fallen radically over the past few years. The main reason attributed to this decrease in consumption is the changing drinking habits of the French population as well as rising health concerns gripping the country. Recent research has indicated that the daily glass of wine at dinner tables is now being replaced by soft drinks, tapped and bottled water. While people in their 60s and 70s grew up with wine on the table at every meal, wine being designated as an essential part of their cultural heritage, the middle generation - now in their 40s and 50s - view wine as a special indulgence. Members of the third generation, on the other hand, do not start taking an interest in wine until their mid-to-late 20s. In 1980s more than half of adults were consuming wine on a nearly daily basis, while today the figure has fallen to as low as 17%. At the same time, the proportion of the French population that does not at all drink wine has doubled to reach 38%. Another trend that has decelerated the market is wine being replaced by other alcoholic beverages. In many regions, the growing popularity of beverages like beer has also been significantly affecting the market. Alongside these, new-age trends like less drinking at work, shorter meal times and growing concerns about excessive alcohol consumption among consumers are also adding to the list of complications faced by the wine market in France.

Market opportunities

The future prospects do not look very promising for the wine market in France. Experts suggest that a segmented market with re-formulation of marketing strategies might be the safest bet. However, while domestic consumption is at an all time low, the wine manufacturers are looking to increase their exports to make up for the loss of consumption in their domestic markets. Italy, France and Spain together account for close to 80% of the total wine production in the world, and with domestic markets facing challenges, the still and sparkling wine segments in France are looking to increase exports to the rest of Europe and US in order to sustain the markets.

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Still and Sparkling Wine Market in France, French Sparkling Wine, Sparkling Wine France