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Exalto got one Single Source of Truth for Product Information with Perfion PIM

Press release January 17, 2017 Perfion Product Data Management Ecommerce Catalogs Product information PIM Webshop

With Perfion Product Information Management, Exalto has one place for all product data, ensuring that data in the webshop is always the same as in the catalogs. Perfion has helped Exalto make information available everywhere. Without the PIM system, this had not been possible.

Before Perfion, Exalto, the Dutch technical wholesaler for marine equipment, had a real challenge to keep the latest information at hand and make it available to customers. Product information was stored in many ways and locations, i.e. in PDF and Excel files, in brochures from suppliers and in digital form on the network. 

End users and employees tended to store their own information as hard copy or digital to make it ready accessible. This made it hard to determine which source contained the latest update. 

An additional challenge was that Exalto created their catalogs and website with a system that was not very flexible. If something needed to be changed or added, it was always necessary to involve an external partner, which was quite time consuming.


Exalto’s main reason for choosing the Perfion Product Information Management system was its seamless integration with the Dynamics NAV ERP and the Sana Commerce webshop platform. Because all these systems are working together, Exalto does not have to maintain double data anymore. Product data can be reached, managed and distributed to all output channels from one Single Source of Truth: the Perfion PIM solution.

Marcel de Groot, Business Unit Manager Parts at Exalto explains:

“The best about Perfion PIM is the way it is configurable and how easy it is to do this. The 100% seamless integration between Perfion, Dynamics NAV and Sana Commerce was exactly what we wanted. Perfion has made us able to structure product information and make it available for everyone.”

Up-to-date product data (descriptions, images, specifications, technical data, fact sheets) is exported from Perfion to the eCommerce website - and InDesign catalogs are generated from Perfion as well. 


Later on, labels and manuals will be created with data from the Perfion PIM system, and everything will be made available in more languages. 

Exalto has a very wide product range including 15.000 products and the products are often changed. As product lifecycles are constantly getting shorter, it is a great advantage to be able to make these changes fast. With Perfion, Exalto’s own employees can easily maintain all product data, add new fields or make other modifications themselves. The PIM system is extremely configurable to the company’s own needs and no external specialists are needed any longer. 

An additional advantage is that everyone has now access to the same updated product data at all times. 


Exalto B.V. is a Dutch technical wholesaler for marine equipment, selling in more than 14 different markets. The Exalto Group has 3 business units: 

  • Parts: Wholesale offering a complete range of quality marine products
  • Wipers: Development and assembly of Exalto wipers for marine and rail applications
  • Propulsion: Development and production of complete propulsion systems


Perfion is the world’s only 100% standard Product Information Management (PIM) solution for companies with a large number of product variants and parts and/or need for multi-channel, multi-language communication.

With Perfion you get a single source of truth for product information which gives you full control of all product data from day one wherever it is applied (e.g. webshops, websites, supplier portals, smart phone apps, printed catalogues, fact sheets, social media, direct mails, newsletters…). 

Perfion is the easiest and fastest PIM solution to implement. It is open to integrate with your existing IT-platform and handles continuous changes in requirements without extra cost. 

Perfion integrates easily with existing ERP systems and 100% into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, GP and SL as well as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Movex plus Microsoft Office, EPiServer Commerce, Sana Commerce, Dynamicweb, Magento and OXID eSales. 

Perfion has a documented ROI of less than a year.               



Perfion Product Data Management Ecommerce Catalogs Product information PIM Webshop