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Dubai Real Estate Blog covering a wider perspective of UAE Real Estate market

Press release March 29, 2010 Business

This blog provides a glimpse into one of the most talked about real estate markets in the world. This blog uses a wider lens to cover the aspects of Dubai real estate, from the viewpoint of authorities as well as the public perspective. is one of the very few real estate blogs on Dubai and UAE real estate markets. There are some forums and blogs covering the different aspects of Dubai’s real estate but none of them is as dedicated as this one. The portal seems to differ in its approach from the other blogs as its coverage of the issues relates to a wide spectrum of events, impacting the real estate market of Dubai. Some of the most pressing issues being faced by the Dubai real estate have been covered in this blog.

Real estate blogs need to be upbeat, critical in their approach, and most importantly the authors must have their own perspective on the issues. Now days, majority of blogs are merely mimicking the news and events happening in their respective industries and this uninteresting approach for readers cannot attract real audience. Dubai real estate blog is a little different; one can find useful analysis and a genuine point of view on Dubai’s real estate. All the issues covered on the blog are analyzed to uncover the motives behind them and what impact they will be having on Dubai’s real estate in the longer run.

Slowly but persistently the blog is trying to cover the issues that haven’t been widely looked upon, related to the Dubai real estate. The blog has highlighted a range of issues affecting both buyers and sellers. There is a separate section designated for the new laws promulgated by the Dubai’s authorities to instill the dwindling confidence of the investors in the real estate sector of Dubai. This section not only covers the news on the latest laws but also looks into the future implications these laws will have on the real estate transaction. Similarly, it is keeping a close eye on the recent developments regarding Dubai debts, as well as the debt and real estate related cases in Dubai property courts.

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