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Dominance of Indian IT service sector fueling growth of India software testing market

Press release September 23, 2014 Software testing market in india, software testing industry in india

The new report states that over the years, India has become the world's preferred outsourcing destination for software testing services.

Emerging economies are increasingly focusing on quality assurance for their growth and competitive advantage. With the Indian market showing high potential in the software testing field, almost all major IT companies have started investing in software testing services in India in order to capture the market and reap benefits.

This report, Software Testing Market in India 2014, states that India has become one of the major destinations for outsourcing software-testing services owing to the availability of a cost-effective talent pool. An increasing number of software development companies are outsourcing their software testing work to India owing to a rise in demand for software-testing services. This high demand is generated in order to prevent software bugs that result in huge losses for companies. The US is a key market for big Indian testing vendors, followed by Europe and Middle East.

Market overview

The outsourced software-testing market comprises both traditional and independent testing services (ITS). ITS gained more popularity as enterprises aren’t required to invest in expensive hardware and software. Leading software testing companies in India provides facilities and centers of excellence for ITS. Currently, about 180,000 people are employed in this field in India.

The growth of the software testing market is supported by the strong presence of the IT services sector in India. The growing maturity of Indian vendors allows consistent high quality-service delivery and better user-defined standards. Demand for testing services is growing fast with rapid evolution of vendor capabilities in the last two decade. Rising adoption of different growth strategies by testing vendors will help them differentiate from other abundant service providers. The Indian software testing market will witness further growth owing to the recent government initiatives in IT and ITeS sector.

However, the industry has also some pressure points. Even though India is known for its IT expertise, it still lacks enough educational and training focusing on software testing. Agile software development with poor testing may lead to poor coding, thereby escalating risk of errors. Further, rising competition from other low-cost nations pose a threat to India’s dominance in the testing industry.

Currently the software testing market senses the need for mobile application testing owing to rapid growth of mobile phone applications. Also, the industry is witnessing the trend to shift towards cloud-based testing, testing-as-a-service, automated testing and testing in domain-specific niche services.

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Software testing market in india, software testing industry in india
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