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Danish innovation to outrule beef and butter in Ireland

Press release January 17, 2019 Naturli Foods

Although the Irish people love beef, the intake of all kinds of meat has been dropping over a period of 10 years . Danish Naturli’ Foods therefore presents a food innovation to the Irish people – Naturli’ Minced. This innovation has reverberated in i.a. the UK. Naturli’ Minced is 100% plant-based and is a 1:1 replacement for ground beef. You can even find it in the cold counters next to ground beef.

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The population is increasing dramatically and there is a need to increase food production by 70 per cent. Right now, we’re using over half the cultivable land areas for farming and an area the size of both North America and South America for grazing animals or producing animal feed.

‘We’re squeezing every last bit out of the planet, and it no longer makes sense to use plants to feed and produce meat and dairy in order for us to have something to eat. The consideration to nature, the environment and personal health occupies many people around the world as well as the Irish. I’m very much looking forward introducing our plant-based alternatives to Dunnes’, says Henrik Lund, CEO of Naturli’ Foods.

In Ireland the demand for all types of meat has dropped from over 82 kg/pr. year per person in 2005 to 76 kg in 2015[1].

In addition to Naturli’ Minced, the Irishmen will also be introduced to Naturli’ Patties, Vegan Spreadable and Vegan Block. Where Minced and Patties are a 1:1 plant-based alternative to ground beef, Spreadable and the Block is a 100% plant-based alternative to butter which can be used on bread as well as in cooking and baking. The butter alternatives are made from almond, shea, rapeseed, coconut and is palm oil free.

Naturli’ Minced was introduced to the Danes a year ago, and the cold counters were emptied in record time. In Denmark, the product already counts for a 5% market share for ground beef. Since then, 12 new countries have been added.

‘The secret behind its success is the fact that this a true food innovation. How many of us believed that chilli con carne, burgers, lasagna and bolognese could only be made of meat from animals? We have shown that plant-based foods are a tasty alternative that has a far smaller impact on the environment - both in relation to CO2 emissions and the consumption of drinking water,’ says Henrik Lund. 

Good news

Maureen O’Sullivan from Maureen's Vegan Guide (who is also Chair of the Vege-tarian Society of Ireland) welcomes the introduction of the new plant-based prod-ucts on the Irish market: “It’s good news. A few years ago, it was estimated that 1% of the Irish population was vegetarian, but the increase in veganism in the past 4 years has been exponential. Restaurants serving vegan dishes are opening in large numbers and a lot of people want to have more meatless dishes due to their health and consideration to the environment. The products from Naturli’ Foods can help to make the transition to meatless dishes easier and faster to lots of people.”

Environmentally friendly packaging

Just as the plant-based mince has a far smaller environmental impact than minced beef, so does the packaging. It consists of at least 50 per cent recyclable plastic.

‘Did you know that eating plant-based food makes your carbon footprint smaller? The production of 1 kg of beef results in 12.2 kg of CO2. In comparison, the production of 1 kg of Danish outdoor vegetables results in just 0.5 kg CO2,’ says Henrik Lund. 

Press photos - for general use:

Facts about Naturli’ Minced:

  • Naturli’ Minced is 100% plant-based
  • It looks like fresh, minced beef
  • It has the same colour as fresh, minced beef
  • It tastes like fresh, minced beef
  • Its texture is the same as fresh, minced beef
  • It will be placed beside minced beef in the cold counter
  • It can be used to make spaghetti ‘Bolognese’, chilli con carne, burgers,
    lasagna and any recipe that normally calls for minced beef
  • The price is about the same as for minced beef
  • It has been developed and is produced in Denmark
  • Its environmental impact is minimised – for both content and packaging
  • The packaging is made of at least 50 per cent recycled plastic
  • Price for 400 grams: €3.

  • The texture and protein come from soy and wheat protein
  • The fat comes from coconut
  • The umami taste comes from almonds, tomato and porcini mushrooms
  • The colour comes from beetroots
  • Rehydrated SOYA protein/isolate (58 %), water, coconut oil, SOYA flour, WHEAT gluten, ALMOND, penny bun, tomato, fermented dextrose, tapioca starch, salt, malt extract (BARLEY), colouring (beetroot ), natural aroma, maltodextrin, stabiliser (methyl cellulose).

Facts about Naturli’ Patties:

  • Naturli’ Patties are made by Naturli’ Minced.
  • The price for two (in total 200 grams) will be €3.

Facts about Naturli’ Organic Vegan Block:

  • Naturli’ Organic Vegan Block is produced from organic shea oil (43%), water, organic coconut oil (21%), organic rapeseed oil (11%), salt, organic almond butter (1%), emulsifier (lecithin), organic carrot juice, natural flavour.
  • Price for 200 grams: €2.29

Facts about Naturli’ Organic Spreadable:

  • Organic rapeseed oil (39%), water, organic coconut oil (22%), organic shea butter oil (13%), organic ALMOND BUTTER (2%), salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), organic carrot juice, organic lemon juice, natural flavouring.
  • Price for 225 grams: €2.




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