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Danisa Butter Cookies

Press release November 28, 2017 Danisa butter cookies

History of Danisa Butter Cookies

Danisa butter cookies is a Danish brand, it is a premium butter cookies with original Danish recipe. Danisa is controlled by Danish Speciality Foods ApS that is registered in Copenhagen Denmark. 

Danisa is a global brand that is selling in more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. Consumers can find and taste delicious traditional Danisa butter cookies no matter in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, China, USA, Nigeria or other countries. Today, Danisa becomes a market leader in the cookies category in many countries, especially in some Asia key countries. 

With high quality ingredients and high quality production technique, Danish Speciality Foods ApS tightly control and manage the production of Danisa butter cookies in its production factory in Stovring, Denmark and in Indonesia. Danisa butter cookies advocates “the same brand with the same quality in the world” for its criterion, wherever it is made, it must strictly comply with it’s traditional Danish recipe invariant requirements, provide all the people in the world with the delicious butter cookies.


Danisa butter cookies