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Customized features are fuelling growth in the Chinese smartphone market

Press release August 21, 2014

Smartphone Market in China 2014 states that the rise in disposable income and falling price levels is propelling growth in the market.

The rise in disposable income and falling prices are propelling growth in the Chinese smartphone market. Smartphones also serve the purposes of computers to some extent. The user-friendly operating systems of the smartphones are increasing the popularity of the smartphones in general. The smartphone market in China would witness a steady growth in the coming years. The China smartphone market is over-flowing with phones which use the Android operating system. The Chinese government has launched initiatives which would help the market to mature.

This report, Smartphone Market in China 2014, also provides a qualitative analysis of market drivers, challenges and emerging trends in the industry. It also gives an overview of the direct investment scenario of major domestic companies and government initiatives.

Market overview

The smartphone market share in China is dominated by a few companies out of which a majority are domestic. Rising disposable income coupled with the availability of 3G services has increased the popularity of smartphones in China. The smartphone market also faces some challenges in the form of security threats of malicious software can. Counterfeit phones dominate the country’s grey market. Market entry of companies in Chinese smartphone market is easier as there are no strict entry barriers in the particular industry.

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