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Cosmetic and Toiletry Product Market in Indonesia to 2017

Press release September 29, 2014

Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts of Cosmetic product market in Indonesia

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The industry report Cosmetic and Toiletry Product Market in Indonesia to 2017 - Market Size, Trends, and Forecasts offers the most up-to-date perspective on the actual market situation, trends and future outlook for cosmetics and toiletries in Indonesia. This study includes historic market data from 2006 to 2012 and forecasts until 2017 which makes the report an invaluable resource for industry executives, marketing, sales and product managers, analysts, and other people looking for key market insights in a readily accessible and clearly presented format.

The market study answers key questions such as:

- What is the size of the cosmetic and toiletry product market in Indonesia?

- How is the market divided into different product segments?

- Which products are growing fast?

- How has the market been developing?

- How does the future look like?

- What is the market potential?

The latest market information included in the study:

- Overall market size for cosmetics and toiletries in Indonesia

- Market size for cosmetics and toiletries by type

- Forecasts and future outlook of the market

Product segments analyzed in the study:


Dental and oral hygiene products

Hair products

Make-up, skin care and beauty products

Toilet waters and perfumes

Shaving products

Antiperspirants and deodorants

Bath products

Room deodorizing and perfuming products

Other cosmetics and toiletries

Reasons to buy:

- Gain a complete picture of the historic development, current market situation, trends, and future prospects of the cosmetic and toiletry product market in Indonesia to 2017

- Track industry trends and identify market opportunities

- Plan and develop marketing, market-entry, market expansion, and other business strategies by identifying the key market trends and prospects

- Save time and money with the readily accessible key market information included in the report. The market information is clearly presented and can be easily used in presentations etc.

The industry report is built by the standard methodology of Global Research & Data Services by using, analyzing, and combining a wide range of sources and in-house analysis.

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