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Companies introduce healthier baby food in New Zealand to attract consumers

Press release September 2, 2014 Baby food new zealand, Market Research reports

Baby Food industry demand prospects in New Zealand, key segments, features & developments, future projections based on various trends.

The demand for baby food in New Zealandhas registered a staggering growth of 41.2% in terms of value for the period 2007-2013. In this market baby milk has taken the lead raking in 48.6 million in 2013. Breastfeeding has also been a popular choice among new parents as the government makes efforts to promote the practice.

This report, Baby Food New Zealand 2014,provides a detailed analysis of the market and focuses on the major players, recent developments and the market outlook of baby food in New Zealand.

Market trends

The largest supplier of milk and milk products in New Zealand, Fonterra Co-operative, faced immense pressure following the 2008 Chinese melamine debacle, where Sanlu Group, backed by Fonterra poisoned Chinese infants. Recently again in 2013 they faced another blow with a possible botulism scare which had supposedly causing bacterial disruption in their factory lines. But this allegation eventually turned out to be false after the factory was thoroughly investigated. Inspite of this they garnered enough negative publicity which contributed to one of the main reasons why a number of new mothers opted for breastfeeding as opposed to milk formula.

Key players

The key players in this industry include Heinz-Wattie's (New Zealand) Ltd, Danone Nutricia New Zealand Ltd, Nestlé New Zealand Ltd, Only Organic Baby Food Ltd, Green Monkey Ltd, Natureland.

Market outlook

The decline in birth rates is expected to slow down the growth of the baby food category. In addition to this better health and wellness trends are expected to take over the baby food in New Zealand, as companies are slated to launch functional infant formula and organic products within the solid food category.

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Baby food new zealand, Market Research reports