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CMOS image sensor market grows in lieu of increased proliferation of smartphones

Press release July 4, 2014 Global CMOS Image Sensor Market, Image Sensor Market, Image Sensor Market Share

The report covers the APAC and EMEA regions and the Americas; it also covers the Global CMOS Image Sensor market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years.

The CMOS image sensors working on advanced technologies – FSI and BSI technologies provide for better image quality and is hence used in several high end imaging devices including cameras and camcorders. Expected to reach USD 10.1 billion by 2020, the global CMOS image sensor market is expected to grow substantially owing to the increased proliferation of smartphones that now come integrated with both primary and secondary cameras. Additionally, the increased demand for consumer electronics like digital cameras is also expected to boost the market. Alongside, the CMOS image sensor’s application markets – specifically the medical and automotive industries are both expected to drive a positive impact to its demand. The CMOS image sensor market penetration has been further enhanced due to the decreasing prices of the development of Backside Illumination technology and its improved capabilities as compared to a CCD.

This report: Global CMOS Image Sensor Market 2014-2018 provides constructive insights into the markets of America as well as the APAC and EMEA regions. The report highlights the market landscape alongwith the growth prospects for the forecast period of 2014-2018.

Key market drivers

Over the last five years, mobile applications have largely propelled the growth of the CMOS image sensor market, citing its extensive use in varied consumer electronics, especially smartphones, tablets, digital still cameras, among others. The market dynamics are different in each niche - to cite an instance, Samsung and Sony continues to dominate in CMOS image sensors for their handsets that use this advanced technology. With the DSC applications also moving towards CMOS, market analysts speculate that the next wave is likely to be in the automotive applications where CMOS image sensor will become the next big thing.

Market trends and outlook

The Asia Pacific (APAC) currently holds the largest CMOS image sensor market shareand is expected to experience a steady growth at a 6% CAGR, mainly due to its extensive use in emerging market segments like automotive, defense, industrial, and aerospace. A key advantage that has helped this region record stellar growth is that most of the sensor manufacturers are located in the APAC region. On the other hand, North America markets are expected to stagnate during the period mainly because of the saturated consumer electronic and surveillance market. The rest of the world however, will see immense growth, mainly due to the increased demand from emerging economies like Argentina, Middle East, Brazil and South Africa. Expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.8% globally, the CMOS image sensor market forms one of the steadily growing segments in the electronics market.

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Global CMOS Image Sensor Market, Image Sensor Market, Image Sensor Market Share