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China - 5 elements to Successful Leadership

Press release May 1, 2013 Education

Learning to be a good leader is possible because leadership is a skill, you can learn through education and working experience. As an upcoming or current leader you can develop the qualities a successful leader consists.


Leaders that strive to the top never stop growing. The want new competences improve their leadership skills and develop new techniques they can use in their business function.

If you want to develop your own leadership skills with help from PROBANA Business School, I will list some below. There are plenty key elements that not are listed. If you want to develop your own skills and competences you can do it through qualified education.

First of all you need to have "Attitude". Attitudes are contagious. If you’re negative, you’ll bring your staff down. When you are positive, you’ll lift their spirits. You are the leader, show it! Take full responsibility for your attitude.

Second, you have to "Lead yourself".When you know how to lead yourself, you are able to know what it takes to motivate, inspire, and increase others performance. When you know how to develop yourself, you know how to lead other.

The third factor is "Evolving"through positive and innovative changes. By this, you don't have to be a 100% innovator or creator, but you have to support when your employees get good ideas or discover new ways of doing business. As a leader you constantly have to challange the status quo, and you have to take changes if you want to growth as a leader.

The fourth element is "Awareness". When you take action as a leader, you do it in a present moment. As a leader you have to pay attention to your surroundings and listen to what is happening right now in your company/department. When you have fully control over your own awareness, the next step is master the awareness of others, your department, your company, and your environment. Look at yourself and say "how aware are you in the present moment"?

The last advice goes on "Vision". If you are a leader, you have followers. As a leader you have to set the direction so your followers know where they are going. Have your vision clear, and make sure others knows it. The vision has to inspire your followers so they can help you as the most important tool you have, when you want to realize your vision.  

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