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Cardiovascular Pharmaceuticals Market Outlook – Increasing patient base driving the market

Press release July 21, 2014

Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical Market in India 2014 highlights the analysis of the drivers and explains the factors for growth of the industry.

With a huge patient base, the cardiovascular pharmaceuticals market is expected to show steady growth over the coming years. With modern lifestyles taking a severe toll on individual health, cardiovascular diseases have been on the rise, having claimed millions of lives worldwide as one of the top 4 fatal non-communicable diseases.

This report: Cardiovascular Pharmaceutical Market in India 2014 highlights the market drivers and explains the growth factors of the industry. This report presents a detailed overview of the current market conditions and outlines the scope of the market.

Market Overview

Cardiovascular pharmaceuticals is one of the leading therapeutic segments of the overall pharma industry, with increasing patient population, patent expiry of blockbuster drugs, and introduction of newer and better drugs strongly driving the industry in the Indian healthcare market. Growing incidents of cardiovascular diseases are helping the Indian market to grow at a steady pace and large pharmaceutical companies are consequently trying to launch new patented blockbuster drugs to tackle the situation.Patented blockbuster drugs, after becoming generic, present a huge opportunity for growth. These generic drugs increase the affordability among patients, which further strengthen the market. Moreover, with increased disposable income of the Indian population, the demand for better healthcare has been on the rise. Inspite of the immense growth potential, some challenges faced by the industry are the internal competition between large pharmaceutical companies and competition from complementary and alternative medicines, as well as the exorbitant pricing. Various government initiatives have however been undertaken to reduce the drug prices alongside various tax reforms and control programs that are promoting the growth of the market.

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