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Boost your English with ESL and English Attack!

Press release January 25, 2013 Education

Leading language travel company ESL Languages announced today a new partnership with Paris based entertainment company to launch ‘English Attack!’, an exclusive travel language channel which helps students improve their English through digital immersion.

Each month, the channel will focus on a different worldwide destination, providing students with a range of travel-themed games, videos and photos to help improve their English in a fun, easy way. ESL customers will also have access to English Attack! premium services at a discounted rate of up to 50%. The two companies will be collaborating on marketing programs and social media to promote the partnership, as well as launching joint competitions and newsletters.

English Attack! are a pioneering company within language learning, using a variety of mediums including music, TV clips, games and social media to aid language learning, whatever a student’s current ability. They are one of the fastest growing online educational services in the world; currently available in 23 languages. ESL are excited about the new partnership, stating: ‘ESL knows all about immersion, as it is at the heart of what we do to help people learn a language. With English Attack!, that immersion can now start the moment someone signs up for one of our Language Study Abroad packages, and can prolong the learning experience long after the study trip has concluded. As such, it is the perfect complement to our physical learning immersion activities, and represents a major new benefit for our customers. “

For students wanting to take language courses abroad with ESL Languages, this new partnership will enable them to progress and challenge themselves further than before, both in and out of the classroom. The channel is very user friendly and informal, allowing students of all ages to access its content. The program was developed in partnership with qualified English-teaching professionals, so you can be sure you are getting the best quality tuition available.

About ESL Languages

ESL are a worldwide language travel company, with partner schools in over 40 countries. They are passionate about language learning and aim to offer quality courses and innovative ways of learning at affordable prices. From evening classes to total immersion gap year programs, you will find that, whatever your lifestyle or needs, ESL Languages will have a course suitable for you!