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Biomass power sector in India set for growth due to increased dependency on agriculture

Press release August 12, 2014 Biomass power in India, biomass power India

This is the latest report from GlobalData, the industry analysis specialists that offer comprehensive information and understanding of the hydropower market in India.

Biomass is emerging as a key renewable energy source in India, especially considering the country’s agrarian imprint with more than 70% of the population dependent on agriculture. Biomass has always been an important source of energy for India and recent research shows that around 32% of total primary energy use is still derived from it. Since India has abundant resources for creation of biomass, around 150 million tons, it is sufficient to meet its demands.

This report, Biomass Power in India, Market Outlook to 2025, Update 2014 - Capacity, Generation, Regulations and Company Profiles, provides information on capacity, generation, regulations and company profiles with forecasts upto 2025. Analyzing the current market scenario in India, this report also details renewable power market in the country.

Potential of the biomass sector

Biomass power generation in India is an industry that currently has investments of over USD 10 million and has the capability to generate more than 5,000 million units of electricity. The biomass power sector in India currently creates a yearly employment of more than 10 million and market experts have found that there is surplus biomass availability at about 120-150 million metric tons per annum that can cover the agricultural and forestry residues which would mean 18,000 MW of power. Moreover, 5,000 MWs of power is additionally generated from bagasse cogeneration from the 550 local sugar mills present in the country. Realizing the potential of biomass energy, they too have come up with a number of regulations and programs that would aid in the growth of the sector.

Biomass is a reliable source of energy

To meet the growing demands of the population, especially in rural areas, the biomass power sector in India is growing rapidly. Furthermore, since biomass acts as a reliable source of energy, it fulfills the gap created by the insufficient gas supply. With biomass posing as the potential solution, industries are rapidly adopting it as their alternative source of energy both for its eco-friendliness and for its capability to fulfill the demands created by the non-availability of non-renewable energy sources.

Market outlook

The future of biomass energy depends on its ability to provide sustainable source of energy at a competitive rate. The potential availability of agro and forest residues alone has the capability to generate 10,000 MW power. However, sustained supply would also require production of energy crops, especially wood fuel plantations that will act as a feedstock for ethanol. Despite issues in the economic operations of plantations, biomass productivity and logistics infrastructure, biomass sector has huge potential for growth.

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Biomass power in India, biomass power India