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Autorola Opens in Ireland

Press release August 19, 2008 Motor & Transport

The Autorola Group, Europe's Leading Online Car Auction Company is Expanding Again

Edward Lane

The Autorola Group is expanding again. The Danish company has just opened a subsidiary in Ireland, so now Autorola has online car auctions in 13 European countries. Autorola's online car auction at is the first of its kind in Ireland. The launch of Autorola in the Irish motor trade has attracted great interest in the industry.

The new Autorola-subsidiary, with offices in Rathcoole near Dublin is managed by Eddie Lane. Eddie is well known in the motor trade in Ireland, England and Scotland and has 21 years of experience in the trade. He has worked with BMW Ireland, Scottish Car Auctions, Direct Car Finance UK and Direct Car Finance Ireland. 

Eddie Lane is confident that Autorola will have a huge impact on the trade in Ireland and says:

 "Autorola has a unique online car auction platform. It is simple to use and offers an effective system to allow professional car dealers, who are approved by Autorola, to bid on the cars. This makes for great efficiency and security in finalising deals."

Eddie is certain that online car auctions will offer another channel for the disposal and acquisition of stock for motor trade in Ireland:

"Standing in the rain, bidding for hours for cars you don't get in the end, that's the past. Using your computer from your office or at home to bid for a wide selection of well described cars, that's the future", he stated.

The sellers have a lot of advantages, too. A digital camera, a computer and an Internet access are all they need to join Autorola's online car auction. They can determine a reserve for the car, and only the highest bidder will learn the name of the seller. In addition to that the payment is secure and the car will be picked up, subject to agreement between the buyer and seller.

Currently, Autorola Ireland is signing car dealers for the online car auctions and making deals with leasing companies and financial institutions that want to sell cars via Autorola's online car auctions. The interest is huge and the first auctions with cars from dealers are already running.

The opening in Ireland is the first since the successful opening in the Czech Republic earlier this year. CEO Peter Grøftehauge is pleased to welcome the Irish car sellers and buyers to the Autorola-universe:

"We are convinced that we have the right platform for the Irish trade car market and we are happy to see that the Irish sellers and buyers are reacting positively to what Autorola offer. We hope for a long term relationship", he said.

The Autorola Group is planning additional Autorola subsidiaries both in Europe and further afield in the future. 


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