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5 New Elements to Successful Leadership

Press release May 15, 2013 Education

As mentioned in my earlier debate article "5 Elements to Successful Leadership" there is still a lot of variables you as a leader has to manage if you want to build up new qualified business competencies and strengthen your current skills, you need to educate yourself. To be a top level performer as a manager in your business, you need to.

Another object of successful leadership is how you can manage "Learning". If you make the mistake, and think you know everything and that you have the answer to everything, you are wrong. If you want to be a successful leader you can always learn. Successful leaders never stop learning. Learn from your employees, learn through education, keep an open mind and explore the unknown. It will be a good idea to setup some learning goal from month to month or so.

One of the things that I thing is very important in mastering successful leadership is to get and have "Influence". During your workday, your leadership will influence the people around you and you will be influenced by them. By having a vision, you can influent your team in the right direction you decide. Think about your vision and the way you affect others. One well-known term is Management by walking round".

You can't do everything by yourself. When "empower" your team or organisation, you will recognize that it is a much more powerful organisation you have. As a good leader it is necessary to empower your team no matter the team member's qualifications. Be aware og your coworkers needs and remember to appreciate their work by telling them.  When your team grows you will grow as a leader. 

A good leader is "trusted" by their employees. Employees want to be leaded, trained and follow you, if the know that they can count and trust on you and your judgment. Remember to do what you say and be honest about what's going on in up's and down's.  When you can prove the employees can count on your work, you will get their respect and receive credibility. Look at yourself and ask whether or not you are in balance and staying true to your team.

Emotional intelligence and authenticity is very important factors in good leadership. You have to show that you care about the team by encourage them. By showing this, you will drive your team forward in difficult and complex situations. Recognize and celebrate accomplishments and milestones! Remember to communicate with others from your heart! Foster community within your team! 

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