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5 keys to successful communication

Press release August 26, 2013 Education

Effectively communicating with staff members, suppliers and customers, is a critical skill area for all managers that want success in their job.

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In particular, employees have to feel that their manager is providing valid information, is not withholding information, and is available to listen at all time. If the manager can accomplish this, there is no need for staff members to go elsewhere for information. 

1. Practice active listening skills

As a leader you need to be aware of your employee’s needs. Therefore you have to listen to your employees at all time. When you speak with your employees, then indicate active listening, and maintain your eye contact with the person. Ask open-ended questions to verify that they understand the message you are trying to send.

As a listener you can also take notes during your conversation. By taking notes, you indicate that you have a strong interest in what other parties in the conversation are telling you and your interest in what they have to say.

Remember to be open-minded and respect the ideas and opinions of your staff members. Control unintentional message senders such as letting your eyes wander, folding your arms, or leaning away from someone. These imply disagreement, disinterest, or lack of respect. Remember, body language can speak volumes about your attitude.

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