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Over 1500 attend Biomass Technology Expo 2019

The recently held Biomass Technology Expo 2019 has put biomass firmly on the national agenda, and calendar, taking its rightful place as one of the must-see annual trade shows in the country. The event took place on the 9th of August, at the Otjiwa Safari Lodge, and hosted over 1500 visitors, 120 exhibitors and technology demonstrators.

Press releases August 22, 2019

Thousands to flock to Biomass Technology Expo 2019

Got bush? If so, the Biomass Technology Expo 2019 is an event not to be missed! Farmers, SMEs, corporates, and entrepreneurs interested in unlocking the unlimited economic opportunity of woody biomass are going to flock to this year’s Biomass Technology Expo in the thousands.

Press releases August 1, 2019

Are Namibians actually bush farmers?

Namibia is supposedly a “cattle country” but is this really what we are? I would argue that with over 45 million hectares of farmland covered by bush encroachment, that maybe we should consider re-defining ourselves.

Press releases August 1, 2019

Biomass Technology Expo 2019

Got bush? If so, the Biomass Technology Expo 2019 is an event not to be missed! If you are a farmer, business, corporate, or entrepreneur interested in the unlimited economic opportunity of woody biomass, then this expo is for you!

Press releases July 16, 2019

Biomass Energy – unlocking the triple bottom line

Did you know that only 1% of Namibia’s standing encroacher bush biomass resource could be used to produce 900 Megawatt (MW) of renewable electricity? Not only is that enough to meet the country’s 650 MW peak electricity demand, but there would even be some power left over to supply the southern African power pool with, and earn some extra spending money along the way.

Press releases July 10, 2019

Namibia sits on a biomass goldmine

Namibia is currently facing an uphill economic battle, having recently slipped into a recession, coupled with a staggering unemployment rate of over 30%, which is exacerbated further still by low international commodity prices, affecting some of our largest national income earners from the mining sector.

Press releases June 19, 2019



The Namibia Biomass industry Group (N-BiG) is an industry organisation to serve and grow the Namibian biomass industry. N-BiG was founded through the support of the GIZ Support to De-bushing Programme and its founding members.


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