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Spain’s Ultra-Low Cost mobile call & text service growing strongly worldwide

Prensa enero 19, 2009 IT’s ultra-low cost mobile calling and texting service – which cuts mobile calling and texting costs by up to 80% in all countries – is being adopted by users worldwide across all market sectors.

Specialized mobile call and text provider provides a cutting edge tech and telecoms service, which cuts the cost of mobile calling and texting services by up to 80%.

It allows consumers to use their own mobile phones and numbers to make calls and send texts. Other than this, there is no requirement for users to sign up to a traditional mobile contract, and it's free to join. Users only pay for their own calls or texts. is accessible from all web-enabled mobile phones, but the internet is only used to initiate the calls or texts. The tests and call themselves are routed over a Next Generation Telephony Switch, so unlike VoIP systems, there are no significant internet data-transfer costs.

Other than cutting the standard costs for mobile calling and texting by up to 80%, also cuts roaming costs dramatically for calls, and removes them totally for texts.

Call costs from are lower in cost that many standard mobile providers for local calls, and much lower for international or roaming calls.

Texts costs from are dramatically lower than standard mobile providers for all texts - whether local, international or roaming.

A full list of calling and texting costs is available on's desktop Rates, FAQ and Help site at


About is the mobile phone division of the company Limited - an international Advertising and Communication company which uses the internet as its platform.