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Eurekos LMS Makes Impressive Debut on Craig Weiss' Learning Systems Ranking

Pressemeddelelse februar 26, 2018
Eurekos announced today that its content-focused learning management system (LMS) placed #22 on Craig Weiss' Top Learning Systems for 2018 report.

Is Studying a Mini MBA a Good Investment?

Pressemeddelelse maj 18, 2016
Global logo For the majority of successful business professionals, an Executive Programme is now an accepted and expected part of the career path. Associate Dean at London Business School (LBS) states that “the days when learning stopped in your 20s, 30s or even 40s are a thing of the past”.

PROBANA Mini MBA - The choice of more than 8,000 business professionals

Pressemeddelelse maj 17, 2016
Logo.10 Quicker, more efficient, smart. These are key words that affect society and the labour market today. However, while governments talk about optimisation and efficiency in the public sector, the private sector are miles ahead.

The increasing demand for Supplementary Education

Pressemeddelelse maj 4, 2016
Shutterstock 158367689 Education is a heavily debated subject, both at government level and corporate level. The conclusion being that we need highly educated professionals to maintain welfare, growth and visions. Research shows that by 2030 there will be a shortage of 40,000 highly educated professionals. At Probana, we are well aware of this development and work towards a better future.

Psychology as a Leadership Tool

Pressemeddelelse maj 2, 2016
Probanapic6 Personality traits such as empathy, integrity, credibility, and trust are indispensable – especially for a business professional. Organisations have become more organic and exist in correspondence with its employees. This is why communication and cooperation are crucial to organisational success.

Boost Innovation and Achieve Strong Leadership

Pressemeddelelse april 29, 2016
Skyline og mand Good management is essential for companies’ ability to grow and be perceived as an attractive work place. People are attracted by good leaders who motivate, innovate and bring their employees together. The opposite is often the case for less competent leaders with poor management skills – people will try to avoid these. Therefore, it is essential for companies to develop their leaders’ competencies.

Increasing Global Demand for Contemporary Supplementary Education

Pressemeddelelse april 26, 2016
Skyline og mand There is a vast need for further development of the global workforce as we live in such a competitive environment. This does not only apply for people in operations but also for business professionals. Ambition, vision and quality is increasingly important values for private supplementary educational institutions. Probana have educated more than 36,000 business professionals. This demand verifies the need for a type of education that public institutions do not meet.

Probana Business School: Personal development as the solution to growing competition

Pressemeddelelse april 20, 2016
Stamp guld For decades the phenomenon of brain drain has troubled developing countries all over the globe. for years, the countries have spent resources on educating business professionals in the belief that they would build the foundation of the country in the years to come. Instead the talented work force look to the Western world, where the opportunities seem numerous and promising.

Mini MBA - An Investment in Yourself and Your Career

Pressemeddelelse april 19, 2016
Active globe dip mand Probana is not just a business school – it is a global network that unites, inspires and educates key business professionals from around the world. Our Mini MBA is aimed at ambitious business professionals who want to study while they work.

Microsoft honors new solution for learning management with two top-level Office Apps Awards

Pressemeddelelse august 13, 2015
Office2015 awardwinner Microsoft awarded the best Office Apps of 2015 at their worldwide partner event and recognized ELEARNINGFORCE international for its learning management solution, LMS365.