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Employees value good leadership

Pressemeddelelse juni 13, 2016
Every good leader owes it to the employees, to let them further educate themselves. Regardless of being a 'born leader or not', a lot of changes happen in the fields of HR and management and leaders should further educate themselves to be able to keep up. This is true of other occupations as well, such as 'hunting'. The 'born hunter' must develop even if he/she thinks that that he/she is the best hunter in the world - at least to show respect towards his/her surroundings.

Probana Business School: Personal development as the solution to growing competition

Pressemeddelelse april 20, 2016
Stamp guld For decades the phenomenon of brain drain has troubled developing countries all over the globe. for years, the countries have spent resources on educating business professionals in the belief that they would build the foundation of the country in the years to come. Instead the talented work force look to the Western world, where the opportunities seem numerous and promising.