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Vil du forbedre din CV?

Pressemeddelelse juli 11, 2014
Frontfigur logo Selvledelse er en grunnleggende forutsetning for ansatte i de norske selskaper.

Well-educated Employees Require well-educated Leaders

Pressemeddelelse januar 7, 2014
Uddannelse Several studies carried out in both Denmark and USA show that the need for managers increases in line with the general rise in education level. It requires more to be a manager to highly educated employees, because they have higher demands to areas like interaction and dialog with their managers. Additionally, more and more specialized departments emerge in the companies which require their own leader

Rethink Your Business Strategy

Pressemeddelelse november 28, 2013
Uddannelse In these times, many companies experience an increasing interest from the outside world on the companies' ability to create tangible results. For the managers, this also entails an increasing focus on individual result creation. More than ever, the manager is held directly accountable for the results that his or her department is responsible for realising.