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Wind power - renewable energy and how it is mad

Pressemeddelelse juni 18, 2018 Wind turbine Wind turbine generator

All over the world, the awareness of the environment and the climate changes has grown largely, and in the search for alternate energy, to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, the use of wind power has increased.

Thewind turbine generatoris the part of the wind turbine that turns the mechanical energy, created by the power of the wind, into electrical energy.

To turn the winds energy into mechanical energy, the wind makes the wings of the wind turbine rotate, due to the shape of the wings and the direction in which the wind turbine is placed. Connected to the wings is a a shaft, making the generator rotate and turn the mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The wind turbine generators use permanent- and induction magnet design. To produce useful electrical power, the induction generator must be rotated at about 1.000 turns per minute. To create current from there rotations, the generator generates an electric field - this is done by passing alternating current through a coil. Several coils are placed on a socalled rotor, which is being turned by the wind going through the drivetrain. Around the rotor several stationary coils are placed, and when the coils on the rotor passes the stationary coils, the field between them, induces a current in the stationary coils and this current is conducted away as the output.

Induction generators are not self-exciting, as opposed to permanent magnet generators. Where the induction generators need an external power supply, to produce a magnetic field, the permanent magnet generators use a high field strength, created by magnets that are mounted on a rotor. There are some variations to this design, for instance some permanent magnet generators are designed with the magnets on the stator, and the coils are the ones moving.

Why use wind power?

It is well known today that wind power is renewable energy, alongside other renewable energies, such as solar power. The fact that wind power is renewable energy, makes it a lot better for the environment than for instance fossil fuels. In addition, statistics tell us that we will run out of fossil fuels at some point, which leads os to rely a lot more on renewable energy.

Renewable energy comes in all shapes and sizes, and not only can it be used by energy supplying corporations, but you can get your own source of renewable energy, to create electrical energy for your household - for instance a heat pump to replace a heating device running on fossil fuels, such as oil. That way you too are doing something better for the environment.

Used wind turbine generators

To make wind power even more environmental, it would be suitable to use used wind turbine generators, instead of new ones - on the note that the used generators still works, of course. By reusing the used wind turbine generators, the cost and resources for making a new generator, are saved, and the environment has been spared unnecessary costs.  


Wind turbine Wind turbine generator
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