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Trollbeads saves huge amounts of time with Perfion PIM data inheritance

Pressemeddelelse august 5, 2016 Produktinformationsstyring Ecommerce Dynamics nav Troldekugler PIM Webshop Datanedarvning Product Data Management Produktinformation Data inheritance Microsoft commerce server Perfion Trollbeads Demandware

Trollbeads creates and maintains product master data directly via the Perfion PIM system, where all other product information is also stored. Furthermore, translations into 20 different languages and prices in 23 currencies are managed from Perfion.

Earlier, the jewelry manufacturer Trollbeads maintained product information in various places: Excel sheets, web platforms and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. There were no specific requirements for master data. Consequently, product information was often lacking in the ERP system. Product data was enriched where it was used and the information was available, but it was a big challenge to gather it and create an overview, e.g. for reporting purposes.

Today, Trollbeads manages all Product data with the Perfion Product Information Management system.

From Perfion, product information (such as items, categories, related products) is automatically pushed to Trollbeads' B2B and B2C online shops, which are built on the eCommerce platforms Microsoft Commerce Server and Demandware, as well as to five different Dynamics NAV ERP systems, maintained by the company for itself and its subsidiaries. The five ERP installations receive different information - some get one price, while others get another, and not all of them receive the same translations, etc. Everything is automatically managed via Perfion.

The company develops new products in Perfion right from the outset. The complete process before a new product is released to distributors and retailers is now running strictly because Perfion provides a perfect overview of a product's entire life cycle.

Language support and product data inheritance save time
Perfion’s strong inheritance functionality makes this PIM system especially suitable for Trollbeads' needs. Trollbeads are grouping products in many ways - for example by brand, product group, price group and material. The ability to define inheritance rules in Perfion is a great time saver when new products are created in a group, as the product automatically "inherits" the data common to all products in the group. The remaining specific data is quickly entered. 

Trollbeads also benefits greatly from the fact that Perfion supports all languages. This makes it easy to maintain translations in the company’s 20 different language versions. 

Another plus is that also subsidiaries and distributors have access to create products in the Perfion PIM system because each user's rights are easily defined. 

Company growth without additional resources
Marc Aron Bøgh Barnholdt, IT Manager at Trollbeads, has no doubts about the benefits of installing a central PIM system: 

“The best thing about the Perfion PIM solution is the inheritance functionality. When we create a new product, we only have to fill in a few data fields. The rest of the information is already given automatically through inheritance. It saves us huge amounts of time not having to re-enter all data from scratch every time.

From being 50 employees to be supported from the head office, we have grown to be 150 to 200 employees without needing more logistics and IT resources. A variety of changes, new initiatives and the implementation of Perfion has made it easier to get the work done. Actually, the working hours saved - and the fact that we now have control of our master data - have alone been worth the investment."

More about Trollbeads

Trollbeads jewelry includes beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. The jewelry lets you tell your own personal story. The name Trollbeads refers to the first beads which resembled troll faces and were designed by Søren Nielsen in 1976. 

Today you will find Trollbeads in more than 50 countries. Søren Nielsen’s family is still designing new beads together with more than 50 internationally acknowledged designers. The collection now contains more than 600 different beads  – each with it’s own unique story and design.

More about Perfion

Perfion is the world’s only 100% standard Product Information Management (PIM) solution for companies with a large number of product variants and parts and/or need for multi-channel, multi-language communication.

With Perfion you get a single source of truth for product information which gives you full control of all product data from day one wherever it is applied (e.g. webshops, websites, supplier portals, smart phone apps, printed catalogues, fact sheets, social media, direct mails, newsletters…).

Perfion is the easiest and fastest PIM solution to implement. It is open to integrate with your existing IT-platform and handles continuous changes in requirements without extra cost. 

Perfion integrates easily with existing ERP systems and 100% into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, GP and SL as well as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Movex plus Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, EPiServer Commerce, Sana Commerce, Dynamicweb, Magento and OXID eSales. 

Perfion has a documented ROI of less than a year.               



Produktinformationsstyring Ecommerce Dynamics nav Troldekugler PIM Webshop Datanedarvning Product Data Management Produktinformation Data inheritance Microsoft commerce server Perfion Trollbeads Demandware