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Rethink Your Business Strategy

Pressemeddelelse november 28, 2013 Probana Education Mini MBA Business school

In these times, many companies experience an increasing interest from the outside world on the companies' ability to create tangible results. For the managers, this also entails an increasing focus on individual result creation. More than ever, the manager is held directly accountable for the results that his or her department is responsible for realising.


In the coming weeks, the Mini MBA will focus on business strategy, growth and development. The best teachers have been called in, and inspiration is drawn from the country's largest consultant services, Executive MBA and MA degrees. The country's most excellent management advisers will offer you their ideas on how you and your company should prepare your business strategies in 2014. To this, you will receive a number of new guidelines. A few priceless and valuable tips that you can immediately apply in your company. Read more here

The Mini MBA has attracted both American CEOs, top executives, managers, middle managers and HR managers from almost all of the country's largest private and public companies on the teams in 2014. The Mini MBA programme gives you a major competence lift so that you will achieve your goals and results. The programme will both challenge and support you in your development as a leader. Read more here

Get one step ahead!

Regardless of whether you are a top executive, consultant or middle manager, the Mini MBA gives you an insight into the latest trends and methods within the primary management areas, including strategy, organisation, management information and market understanding - while at the same time teaching you to master and integrate this knowledge in your daily life. The clear aim of the programme is to strengthen your career as manager, while at the same time adding value to your company through an enhancement of your skills. If you are interested in becoming part of this success and joining the Mini MBA, you can sign up today here.


Probana Education Mini MBA Business school

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