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Kick Off 2014 by Signing Up to the Mini MBA!

Pressemeddelelse november 15, 2013

An investment in your employees will be a yield to your business.

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The year of 2013 is approaching its end, which leaves you with an opportunity to reflect on your past year as a manager. Have you been challenged enough? Have you developed your managing skills sufficiently? Or do you feel stuck in the same daily working routines characterised by lack of inspiration, motivation and innovation?

If case of the latter, you ought to grab yourself by the arm and start thinking ahead in a proactive and realistic manner. Renowned expert on positive management, Alfred Josefsen would have asked you:  "Where is your passion for management?"

When reflecting on the past year, the same central question always comes to mind:  What could I have done differently, and how could it have impacted my career? How do I find the passion that I used to have when I started my career and was full of energy and motivation?

As a manager, it is your duty to ensure that your employees and your organisation performs satisfactorily and create results. This goal will not be achieved by using the same management tools and motivational incentives as usual, nor by indirectly displaying your lack of managing skills and motivation to run a company.  

In periods of decline, the majority will think:  "It's time to hold back a little, put the brakes on and save our way out of the crisis."  Several researchers, professionals and managers, however, believe that the solution to a recession should be found elsewhere. Instead of cutting back on things, you can increase the number of staff and focus on improving the employees' skills through training.  This way, you will increase your company's investments and accept the fact that there will be a period of low economic tide for the company in a highly competitive market, where the financial crisis continues to leave its impact.

So kick off 2014 by signing up to PRONANA Business School's Mini MBA programme.  With our education programme, you will be capable of convincing your employees that it is most fun to be at the forefront of the market, to think out of the box and to invest in employees, rather than dismissing them.

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