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Eurekos LMS Makes Impressive Debut on Craig Weiss' Learning Systems Ranking

Pressemeddelelse februar 26, 2018 E-learning E learning Online education Learning E-læringsplattform LMS E-læring Human resource management Corporate Human Resource

Eurekos announced today that its content-focused learning management system (LMS) placed #22 on Craig Weiss' Top Learning Systems for 2018 report.

Eurekos was one of 1000+ LMSs reviewed by Weiss. By debuting in his top 25, it shows the growing need for high performance LMSs with built-in authoring tools, and Eurekos’ success in creating a solution that’s simple and effective to use. 

“Eurekos has a home run here,” Weiss reports. “Both functionality and UI/UX is good. The roadmap track record is excellent. And the built-in authoring tool is a slam dunk. You can do a lot with this, classroom management, competency management, and I could go on. Very strong content curation.”

Building the bridge between traditional learning and new digital learning is a major challenge to many companies, Kenny Munck, Eurekos’ CEO, explains…

“For many companies today, filling skill gaps is a major challenge, and one that can significantly affect their success or profitability. That’s why we built a robust LMS and spent three years designing a native authoring tool that’s incredibly fast and also, easy to use. Anyone… learners, instructors, managers… can develop and distribute courses in minutes. We’re honored that Mr. Weiss recognized that it’s a game-changing design.”

 → Learn more about the Eurekos LMS.

As CEO and Lead Analyst for The Craig Weiss Group, Weiss is recognized as one of the most influential people in the LMS space. His 2018 rankings were based on: LMS UX/UI, learner and admin functionality, company financials, customer support, product roadmap and overall innovation.

“What makes Eurekos innovative, and why it’s garnering customer and analyst acclaim, is that it’s the first LMS solely designed for the rapid development of content,” Kenny Munck explained. “This provides a huge value to companies with a shortage of content or courses. It also helps raise the quality of their training, since content can be created collaboratively (by the entire workforce) and enlist more subject matter experts.”

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About Eurekos

Finally, an LMS that puts content first. Eurekos helps clients and partners create impactful learning by speeding the creation and delivery of learning content. Eurekos is available for both enterprises and educational institutions. Request your free trial at or contact us: (+45) 72 44 1234


E-learning E learning Online education Learning E-læringsplattform LMS E-læring Human resource management Corporate Human Resource