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Dansk design-talent udtaget til international modefestival

Pressemeddelelse juni 17, 2016 Fashionshow Fashion designer Indian designer Design contests Danish company Danish design Menswear

Dansk-baseret designer Nixon Bui udvalgt til Fashionclash i Maastricht.

As the only Danish-based fashion designer is Nixon Bui been selected to participate in this year's Fashion Clash Festival in Maastricht in the Netherlands. 

Fashion Clash Festival, which this year is being held for the eighth time, is sponsored by a number of players in the fashion industry and aims to provide a number of talented young fashion designers the opportunity to showcase their clothes for an international audience. The festival takes from 30 June to July 3, 2016th 

"I am very proud to be able to get this chance. I am very pleased to show my designs of an expectant but also fastidious audience, "says 28-year-old Nixon Bui. 

Young aspiring designers can apply for, to come up with the Fashion Clash Festival. But it is only the most talented, which comes through the needle eye and are selected. One of them is therefore in the year Nixon Bui. 

The fashion company NIXONBUI is Danish with showroom and office at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen. Nixon Bui itself has a very international background itself. He was born and raised in the Himalayas on the border between India and Tibet - the last number of years is spent in our latitudes. He has taken a cand. merc. at CBS, CBS, so he also has the business part of making her fashion brand a success in order. 

Nixon Buis design style is not distinctly Danish. But it is quite deliberate. Although the company has Danish base, then clothes can have international appeal. 

NIXONBUI targeting the urban trendsetters and will be responsible for much more than great fashion. The source of NIXONBUI's success is its unique visual identity, brand exudes. NIXONBUI has from the beginning a unique expression. When you see a piece of clothing from NIXONBUI, you immediately realize that there is NIXONBUI. It does not look like anything else. 

"When you take the clothes, the clothes speak their own language - have its own voice that tells who you are. Therefore, I have decided that all the material we use in NIXONBUI must be sustainably produced. It must be a conscious choice to wear NIXONBUI - it's a statement, "says the designer. 

NIXONBUI aims to use as many organically produced materials as possible. Thus, the entire first collection made from 100 percent organic cotton. 

In August, interested experience NIXONBUI's design at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair, where NIXONBUI has a stand. 

Read more about Fashion Clash Festival here: 

For further information and possibly interview appointment, contact Nixon Bui on telephone 61 28 80 00th

Kigkurren 8C
2300 Copenhagen S 




Fashionshow Fashion designer Indian designer Design contests Danish company Danish design Menswear
Annonce: håndværkerhjælp