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Danish audio brand Tangent acquires Opalum of Scandinavia

Pressemeddelelse februar 27, 2017 Audio Av-industry Danish Actiwave Tangent Opalum

Herning - Feb 27 - 2017

Tangent Opalum AVINDUSTRY 2017

Tangent A/S and Opalum ApS today announced an agreement under which Tangent A/S will acquire 100% of the shares in Opalum ApS.

Opalum ApS will continue as a separate subsidiary of Tangent A/S which is part of the leading European audio group; AV Industry SARL.

The acquisition will reunite the Opalum brand with former Opalum co-founder and VP of Sales & Marketing, Ulrik Sindberg (Business Development – AV Industry SARL) and former Head of Logistics at Opalum, Karsten Holst (Managing Director – Tangent A/S).

“With the Opalum brand we aim to continue the focus on B2B sound solutions and expand the Opalum product offering. Opalum have with their unique sound technology proven that they have been able to optimise sound in different environments such as kitchen and bathrooms” says Ulrik Sindberg.

Karsten Holst adds “The acquisition represents an exciting prospect for Tangent to extend its brand offering into the B2B segment as well as a great opportunity to optimize the combined operational setup.”

Opalum ApS headquarter will be moved from its currency facility near Aarhus to Herning where Tangent A/S resides.

Lasse Hald, retiring Managing Director of Opalum states: “This is the best we could have hoped for in a buyer for Opalum of Scandinavia. After a longer search for potential buyer we have, with Tangent, found a buyer who will be able to carry on the brand development and make the smoothest possible transition for our customers.”

The acquisition is effective as of March 1st 2017.

For more information please contact:

Karsten Holst

Managing Director

Tel: + 45 96 41 15 00

e-mail: [email protected]

About Tangent

Tangent have for nearly 20 years applied harmony and design to a wide range of highly popular audio products. Danish based Tangent A/S is part of the AV Industry SARL group. Tangent A/S has its headquarters in Herning, Denmark. AV Industry SARL is based in Paris, France.

About Opalum

Opalum of Scandinavia have since 2010 offered unique sound technologies to all innovative companies that develop and produce products where sound is an essential part of the overall performance.


Audio Av-industry Danish Actiwave Tangent Opalum