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Production Moves to the East and, Demand for Knowledge Increases

Pressemitteilung April 11, 2013 Public

A huge number of companies from all over Europe are moving their production facilities to China as a cost saving management strategy. Furthermore, the tendency shows that development activities are being outsourced to China.

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The consequences of moving your companies’ R&D Centers to China have required that Chinese employees have the same qualifications as the employees in your home country. The Chinese people educate themselves more and more, which requires that you pay attention to your own qualifications.  

Knowledge based organizations that provide energy and software solutions are moving their Research and Innovation Centers to China, which is critical for Western countries. What shall we do if we move both our production facilities and our Research and Innovation centers to the East?? We need to be smarter, more educated, increase our productivity and keep developing our business mindset. We can only do this through modern training and educations. See more Youtube: here.

When I say modern education I mean education that fits into a busy day and provides you with information on the latest trends in Management, Communication, Psychology and HR. The Mini MBA meets these requirements and is provided in English.  See here.

What can you do as a manager to increase your employees’ productivity and add more value to the research area? If you have stronger management, communication and an understanding of your employees’ needs, then you will be able to optimize the processes, which lead to more value in your organization. We have an education which can help you. It is called a Mini MBA and it boost your career!

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