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Pixum is team sponsor of the "ENS Cachan" in the Renault 4L Trophy™

Pressemitteilung März 9, 2009 Public

Claire Jouot and Christophe Bovet, both students at the French "Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan", are taking off in a manually reconstructed Renault 4 in Pixum colours for the 12th edition of the legendary 4L Trophy™ from 19th February until 1st March 2009.

In total there are 1000 teams, so 2000 students from all over Europe are taking part in this extraordinary event. The starting signal was to be heard on February 19th at 12.30PM in Stade de France in Paris. The goal is to take school materials and sporting gear to Marrakech, to help thousands of Moroccan children get a better future. The record from 2008 with 58 tons of school materials has to be beaten!
"It is the mix of adventure and a good cause that motivated us and that also convinced our sponsor Pixum", Claire says. "It's not about rapidity but much more about the skill of orientation", Christophe explains. The young adventurers will only have a compass, a road book and a map to help them navigate their way to Marrakech! To become a winner of the days the team has to deal with the most difficult parts the best and have driven the least amount of kilometres.
Dirk Schmitz, Head of Marketing & Operations at Pixum: "We are proud to take part in the success of the Rally, by helping Claire and Christophe get through these 6000 km in their R4. We sincerely hope that the two of them and their car will make it unharmed to the finish line and are looking forward to the first photos of the Rally!"