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Pressemitteilung Juni 10, 2013 Education

A sharpened competition on a global, as well as national scale has had major consequences for the business sector. This has also impacted expectations to the employees that organisations recruit - internally as well as externally.

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Competition is important in any industry, as this contributes to new technological inventions and economic growth. But for the individuals within the organisations and on the job market in general, competition may also have consequences for the amount of jobs and a potential promotion. This leads to a natural selection among candidates, followed by an advancement of the best qualified. PROBANA's Mini MBA aims at equipping employees and managers with the necessary tools for handling organisations in change, and hereby provides the candidate with wide-ranging professional qualifications to achieve the company's targets and their own goals.

Read more about an Executive MINI MBAhere.  

PROBANA's Mini MBA is a Danish management training programme that provides employees and managers with a professional basis for creating growth in companies and organisations. The structure of the programme is based on a diversified composition of theory that requires the participants to take a stance on areas of the organisation which is normally not considered in connection with strategic change.  Themes like strategy formulation, employee motivation and communication equips the candidates to a position as middle and senior managers in an organisational environment that requires a comprehensive knowledge about 'management' in practice. Read more about the Executive MINI MBAhere.  

For a manager to create growth in any organisation, it is essential to be familiar with the conditions that must be present. PROBANA's Mini MBA introduces you to these conditions, based on a comprehensive review of theories and models within the field of management. Among the many strategy tools presented at the programme, is the acknowledged consulting service company McKinsey's 8-step model.  This is a process model which helps to ensure that changes are constantly handled in cooperation with the company culture - in order to prevent signaling an inconsistent understanding of the changes. However, it is often difficult to document the immediate effect of these changes on the organisation, which will often have consequences for the management's understanding of their utility value. At this professional Mini MBA, tools for measuring and analysing are also introduced, which outline the impact of changes in interaction with the concrete economic performance. Read more about the Executive MINI MBAhere.  

Balanced Scorecard is a long-term management tool focusing on the company's value-adding activities - financial, as well as non-financial. On the course programme is also presented some different perspectives of the model, which finally leads to an understanding of implementing measurable strategic initiatives at senior management level. This is essential, as the type of change that may be necessary can be based on a communicative conflict, whose resolution can be difficult to weigh in terms of economic value.

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