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5 elements to Successful Leadership

Pressemitteilung Mai 1, 2013
Løven Learning to be a good leader is possible because leadership is a skill, you can learn through education and working experience. As an upcoming or current leader you can develop the qualities a successful leader consists.

Demand for knowledge increases day by day - what can you do to change this!

Pressemitteilung April 25, 2013
Løven Companies from all over Europe are moving their production facilities to the East as a cost saving management strategy. Furthermore, the tendency shows that development activities are being outsourced to the east as well.

Where will Future Leaders Come From?

Pressemitteilung April 15, 2013
Løven Is demographic development going to be a barrier for the development of your nation, the companies you work for, and for your Business career? Recent research indicates that in the future Europe will need energetic people with unique management competencies and personally skills. We need these people in companies worldwide.