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Coles launches free health and beauty magazine

Press release January 9, 2019
Coles launches free health and beauty magazine New quarterly publication to help customers improve their health and wellbeing

New Commission, New Era for Aged Care Quality and Safety

Press release January 2, 2019
Today marks a new era for Australian aged care, with the independent Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission opening its doors, launching its one-stop quality and safety website and the single new contact number for aged care concerns and queries: 1800 951 822.

Biosecurity for the backyard chook

Press release December 20, 2018
Biosecurity for the backyard chook Recent media interest in the animal and human health risks associated with keeping backyard poultry has revealed the need for improved biosecurity education.

Patient education for helping low back pain remains backed by guidelines

Press release December 12, 2018
NPS MedicineWise A new NPS MedicineWise article explains that although a recent study found ‘intensive’ education on low back pain does not improve outcomes, basic education remains a cornerstone for management of low back pain and is recommended in Australian and international guidelines.

Regular visits to a GP reduce risk of hospitalisation and death following heart attack

Press release December 7, 2018
In one of the first studies to do so, the important role GPs play in providing care for patients following heart attacks has been highlighted in a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). The report also demonstrates the value of bringing together different sources of data to tell a more complete story.

Expert report calls for better access to health data to save lives and dollars

Press release November 29, 2018
Better access to health data could save $3 billion and improve the health of all Australians.

Dementia Australia and Dementia Alliance International to globally champion rights of people living with dementia

Press release November 29, 2018
Dementia Australia has formalised its relationship with Dementia Alliance International and today signed a new memorandum of understanding (MOU).

Record $10m gift from Blackmore to Southern Cross University

Press release November 28, 2018
One of Australia’s leading figures in naturopathic medicine, Marcus Blackmore AM, together with his wife, Caroline, has made a record $10 million personal donation to Southern Cross University.

New TV and Social Media Campaign Tackles First Nations HIV

Press release November 27, 2018
A new television, social media and community campaign has been launched during Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV Awareness Week, to increase understanding of HIV and reduce new cases among First Nations people.

Monash Experts: My Health Record, Artificial Intelligence

Press release November 13, 2018
Monash University experts are available to discuss the following topics:

Dress up like a zombie for Halloween but don't end up with zombie teeth

Press release October 31, 2018
Australian Dental Association Many Halloween characters have horrible teeth but in reality, having rotten teeth is not fun. While everyone should have fun this Halloween, the Australian Dental Association (ADA) is saying keep things in moderation when it comes to sugary treats.

Fertility Week: Good preconception health affects chances of pregnancy and long-term health of a child

Press release October 15, 2018
Encouraging people to understand the importance of both men's and women's health before conception and how this affects the health of a child at birth and throughout its lifetime is the focus of Fertility Week 2018, which begins Monday, October 15.