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Patient education for helping low back pain remains backed by guidelines

Press release December 12, 2018
NPS MedicineWise A new NPS MedicineWise article explains that although a recent study found ‘intensive’ education on low back pain does not improve outcomes, basic education remains a cornerstone for management of low back pain and is recommended in Australian and international guidelines.

Free dementia education for families impacted by dementia in Maryborough

Press release October 31, 2018
Are you caring for a loved one who is living with dementia? Dementia Australia is holding a free education course for residents living in Maryborough.

Improving education for non-urban schools could add $56B to GDP: Gonski Institute report shows

Press release October 23, 2018
A report from the Gonksi Institute for Education at UNSW Sydney released on Monday calculates that Australia could add more than $50B to its annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by improving educational outcomes for students in regional, rural and remote areas of the country.