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1 in 4 breast cancers potentially preventable

Press release December 10, 2018
Cancer Australia has today launched an extensive new website that provides up-to-date evidence-based information on 68 risk factors for breast cancer.

Neuroscientist discovers potential treatment for 'chemobrain'

Press release December 7, 2018
Neuroscience Research Australia In a discovery that could one day help breast cancer patients, Dr Adam Walker from Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and UNSW Sydney has found a potential treatment for ‘chemobrain’, a condition that affects up to 60 per cent of women after receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer.[i]

New campaign educates Victorians about obesity and cancer link

Press release October 23, 2018
Obesity is now a leading preventable cause of cancer[1], but less than half of all Australians are aware of the link[2]. A new campaign launched today by Cancer Council Victoria is aiming to change this.

Young cancer survivors at greater risk of mental health disorders

Press release October 2, 2018
Young cancer survivors are at greater risk of poor mental health, a new UNSW study shows. The research could help inform future interventions for survivors.

Multimedia News Release: All women are different, but breast awareness is the same for all

Press release September 27, 2018
MD3121619 A national survey suggesting that only three in 10 women can accurately name three or more breast cancer symptoms has led to a call from Cancer Australia for women of all ages to be breast aware.


Press release September 25, 2018
Kidney cancer is the 9th most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia 3

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours responsible for 45,000 cases of bowel cancer in next decade: new research

Press release September 24, 2018
A UNSW study has shown that a large proportion of bowel cancers in Australia are preventable by adopting a healthy lifestyle – particularly for men.