PressPort logo, a social media network for the Homemaker, launches

Press release November 12, 2018 Platform Social media Property, the first social media network for the homemaker, focused on providing a platform of inspiration, launches on the Central Coast. is the fusion of a traditional property listing portal and a social media platform.

Traditional property listing portals offer a place to research but takes that further by offering a destination to engage; a dynamic lifestyle channel of inspiration.


The goal of is to inspire and engage homemakers throughout the entire lifecycle of creating a home, whether renting, owning, building, renovating or just re-styling. provides sellers, influencers and brands a platform to instantly make their listings and content a social media hero to a relevant audience. users can search for properties while simultaneously be inspired by content, products and services across a wide range of categories tailored for the homemaker. The platform offers users functionality to save, share and discuss their favourite inspirations privately, with family and friends, whether looking for a rental, a property to buy or new cushions for the lounge. provides Agents and Developers “automated shareable elements” from their listings, reviews and content to allow for more efficient dissemination across their other social media profiles to enhance engagement.


With the average Australian spending less than an hour on a property listing website per month, but more than 63 hours “online”, aims to leverage this behaviour with a multi-channel approach to content distribution, not only on, but also through 100+ digital media channels including social media and a network of geo-based websites. blends the social and local layers of engagement to reach targeted buyers quickly. will inspire Homemakers, provide a channel for Agents and Developers, be a resource for Buyers and an engagement platform for Brands and Influencers.


Realty's existing digital footprint expands the eastern seaboard of Australia from Bondi to Bundaberg in key residential markets with over 500 agencies trialing and the highest concentration on the Central Coast with 40% signed up. Expansion of the footprint nationally is well progressed. See more


Home is where the is.


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