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Politically Incorrect New Book Pokes Fun at Self Worth and Anxiety

Press release December 5, 2018 Calendar Book Success

Providing a cynical look at success and achievement in the modern age, Richard Edward Hargreaves' new book "The 2019 Black Sheep Planner" will be released across Australia this week.

Author Richard Hargreaves is a former Mr Australia (1984) and Personal Trainer and is suitably qualified to present sage advice that challenges conventional motivation and goal achievement ideas.

 The planner comprises of 183 pages of monthly calendars and daily planner pages for organizing schedules and making notes. It spans 16 months (January 2019 -- April 2020).

 Low self-esteem and self-worth are at epidemic levels, likely caused by the overly ambitious attitude in today’s fast paced society. To counter this, the B.S. Planner views success and achievement in a flippant and humorous way. Whereas the Black Dog is associated with depression, the Black Sheep is about having a laugh at life and the unrealistic expectations people place upon themselves.

 The B.S. Planner pokes fun at traditional motivational quotes designed to pump and bolster. “Ra-ra-ra has been replaced with bah-bah-bah, so to speak. There’s one uninspirational and unmotivational quote and image to dwell upon for each month of the year. Meditate on all that will never be!” says Richard.

 Readers will find this a valuable time management tool for home, school, office, or any time when they are under pressure and need to schedule. Large A4 pages provide plenty of room to write anything from social engagements to business meetings. As an added benefit, the book allows them to plan for a laugh.

 Available online now with two choices of cover from


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