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Press release September 12, 2018 Press release Pressport

PressPort sails ahead with a new business model

PressPort is a PR company founded in 2002. Our primary business has always been making it easy for companies and organizations to send press releases to the media. At the same time, PressPort has put a lot of work into hig quality press releases so the media finds the material relevant and does not blacklist our customers.

Today, we continue sailing and launch a new business model - two regular subscriptions, as well as an individual solution targeting major international companies and PR agencies.

The two new products are our Standard and Professional subscriptions. Both products - in addition to unlimited press distribution and statistics - also provide a newsroom that stores all PR material (press releases, images, files, contacts, etc.). Journalists and other interested parties can now subscribe directly to press releases, news, etc., provided you have one of our new subscriptions. The individual solution is aimed at larger companies that have international communication activities and want to communicate with media and journalists in several countries.

The new prices and conditions can be viewed at

In addition to the new business model, the website has also received a major boost.

New website

PressPort has made several new initiatives that will benefit all customers with, among other things, better exposure of press releases and ranking on Google search results (SEO, speed, and better view on mobiles).

In the coming months, we will continue to update customer logins with better statistics, analysis, more user-friendliness and more features. Look forward to making it even easier to work with press releases, PR and communication via PressPort.

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