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My Generator: Prepare Your Home and Family for Bushfire Season

Press release May 9, 2017 3 phase generator Welder generator

My Generator

Sydney, Australia, May 9, 2017:My Generator an online retailer of power products help thousands of home owners every year. It spreads awareness on how to prepare your home and family for bushfire season.

“All Australians should be removing any dead and dry material around their property. People should also trim low lying branches two meters from the ground", said Lachlan Adams, The Co-Founder, My Generator.

Bushfires are natural part of the Australian environment. This can originate from both human activity as well as natural causes, with lightening the predominant natural source. When a fire breaks out the hot and dry climate aggravates the condition. Focusing on every possible aspect My Generator educates and prepares the Australian citizens to take quick actions and measures to save themselves from this hazardous situation.

My Generator help many people by giving idea of some very simple practices that can save their home from Bushfire this season. To mention a few would be:

  1. Remove dry leaves, dead branches around your property. Also keep the grass short.
  2. Plant tress away from the house to avoid any branches from hanging over your roof or collection of leaves.
  3. Clean the leaves and remove all flammable materials like newspapers, cardboards or any wood from your stockpiled.

Besides these handy tips, My Generator also offers number of items that can help you in a bushfire situation:

  1. Power Generator: A small generator that allows your family to access small appliances and like laptops and phones, and also to keep them charged.
  2. Portable battery radio: this unique gadget comes handy during such hazardous situation, since it will keep you updated, as you can air to news updates.
  3. Good quality Torches: lights always come in handy. Carry torches when there are power cuts or during the night is always a good idea.

My Generator is Australia’s leading online generator retailer who brings to you the above-mentioned gadgets to keep you safe during wee hours. Besides these, they also provide an extensive range of high quality generators like Inverter Generators, Portable Generators, Domestic Backup Generators, Auto Start Generators, 3 Phase Generators or Stationary Generators and more. The generator units they supply suit the budget and requirements of every type of customer. With a well-trained team, and a keen eye to quality services they venture to provide recognized brands at the lowest price possible. They have a large clientele all across Australia whom they serve with confidence and assures a 30-day price match guarantee.

About the Company:

My Generator provides one of the largest range of generators and pressure washer & pumps including petrol pressure washer, gerni pressure cleaner, dirty water pumps and more online in Australia. We have provided an online store for purchasing a variety of pressure washer pumps, caravan and camping equipment’s, generators and more online in Australia.


3 phase generator Welder generator