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MRI “arms race” masking the real issue facing patients

Press release September 24, 2018 Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association Mri

Today’s commitment by the Coalition Government to 30 new MRI licences – which ups the Opposition’s promise of 20 – is masking the real issue facing millions of Australian patients.

The Australian Diagnostic Imaging Association President Dr Siavash Es’haghi said MRI had become “a political football”.


“MRI is amazing technology that needs to be readily available to specialists and GPs throughout Australia to diagnose and treat conditions for their patients. It is the ‘gold standard’ in radiology; however, it is often the most expensive for patients.


“But in Australia we restrict access to it and, at every election, we see the major parties exchange MRI licences for votes.


“Medicare rebates for scans are 20 years behind where they should be for Australian patients, who are facing out-of-pocket costs averaging $100 for radiology services.


“It is therefore extremely disappointing that our politicians are not dealing with the fact that many Australians can’t access or afford the scans they need to determine that they need an MRI. The Coalition promised in writing to reverse the freeze on patient rebates prior to the last election – a clear promise that was about making all scans on Medicare more accessible and affordable and one that it has not kept.


“Already there are 300,000 Australians who are forgoing treatment every year because of cost. So, if you can’t afford access to services like x-rays and ultrasounds, announcements around more MRI licences is going to do nothing to reduce your hip-pocket pain.


“This MRI arms race between Labor and the Coalition is just political window dressing.”


Dr Es’haghi said there should also be a transparent process in place to ensure that all Australians can access MRI services, not just those in politically important electorates. 


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