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Monash Experts: My Health Record, Artificial Intelligence

Press release November 13, 2018 Health Artificial intelligence AI Data

Monash University experts are available to discuss the following topics:

Ethical dilemmas in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Why Australia needs to invest heavily in tomorrow’s technology.  

Professor Sharon Oviatt - Director, Computer-Human Interaction and Creative Technologies

Contact details: (Brendan Carroll) +61 400 393 393 or [email protected]

“Most federal governments are severely under-funding AI research, especially the examination of its impact on individuals and society. Advanced research must occur on critical aspects of AI’s impact. Citizens and governments need to understand that if they don’t participate directly in the intellectual development and funding of new AI systems, then corporations will continue to take the lead and develop AI systems for their own commercial gain - not with pro-social uses in mind.”

Australians as a community (even inside healthcare) do not seem to understand how the world is changing in digital health. The My Health Record needs to be considered on its merits before the opt-out period ends on 15th November.

Chris Bain, Professor of Digital Health in the Faculty of Information Technology

Contact details: +61 428 698 148 or [email protected]

“There are numerous groups working actively to highlight the negatives of the My Health Record without any conversational balance. The ‘privacy frenzy’ beat-up does a disservice to the Australian community who are looking to make an informed decision about their health data.”

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Health Artificial intelligence AI Data