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Press release October 22, 2009 Business allows Irish companies to sell unwanted equipment to international markets, a new online site, is creating an international marketplace for Irish sellers to promote and sell their unwanted trade equipment and stock in global markets where there is demand for them.  Equipment from all sectors is suitable for the site: Construction, Industrial, Office, Farm, Hotel, Catering, Medical, and Trade Vehicles among others.

Advertising on the site starts from as little as €50.  There is an additional commission of up to 4% charged to use the site’s facilities for selling the equipment.  These facilities include payment clearance, shipping and transport facilities, 24/7 online auctions with real time tracking and alerts, and a buy-out facility where a buyer can purchase an item outright without having to participate in an auction. 

The team behind saw an opportunity to offer an international ‘shop window’ for clients to sell equipment which is no longer needed in Ireland, but in demand abroad. is a platform where clients can benefit from access to an international audience not previously open to them.  For some of these clients, the equipment poses a debt burden which they need immediate relief from.

Over €100,000 has been invested in researching, designing and marketing the new website in key markets including Europe, Russia, America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.  Each market has a thriving sector which matches some area of stock.

The website is designed to be user friendly for business owners and traders and includes special features: 

  • The website is translated into 6 different languages to maximise the audience for each customer's equipment (German, French, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Italian and English);
  • The website offers very easy access for the customer - just send photo(s) and description of item by e-mail and for as a little as €50 the item will be displayed. Alternatively can travel to the customer, photograph item(s) and catalogue it/them on their behalf;
  • Items can also be placed as part of an on-line auction, with the reserve price (if any) and timescale fixed by customer;
  • Buyers and Sellers can view progress of any bids on-line, in real time, 24/7;
  • Buyers / Sellers can choose to be updated on any bids by email or text;
  • Irish companies seeking to broaden their sales catchment area (outside of Ireland) can use the site as a relatively cheap marketing tool to access foreign markets;
  • Secure offline payment facility available;
  • Shipping and Transport services available;
  • Special promotions will be developed to bring focus to certain stock or sectors.  This provides a very cost effective manner of marketing stock to wide-ranging markets.

Michael Moran, Managing Director of, had previously worked in asset finance, and spotted the opportunity for the site when he saw the drop in demand for some assets for which he had previously secured finance.

"The deteriorating conditions within the Finance Market and the economy have forced companies to look to their unused equipment, assets, and slow-moving stock to raise cash in order to maintain working capital and adequate cashflow to their business.  The situation is compounded further as the domestic re-sale market for these items has also collapsed,” said Michael. 

“The B2BAuctions platform provides an excellent, visible, worldwide showcase on behalf of companies disposing of goods, giving them access to active international buyers who are looking for value in the market place," he added.

“Physical auctions in Ireland have shown there is clear demand for good-value Irish stock.  Our platform allows people to purchase without having to travel to Ireland.  They can see the value of the stock they are interested in from their own office and research what they wish to buy without having to move,” Michael concluded.

Through marketing, advertising and promotion, plus networks in many of the target markets, the team aims to secure 1000 visitors to the site per day in the first 18 months of operation.  They also aim to sell 50 items per week within the same timescale. 


For further media information please contact: 

Catherine Logan /// Hickey-Logan Communications /// 086 811 4785 /// [email protected]  

You can contact on Freephone 1 800 303 320 (Ireland) or +353 76 6861499 (International) 


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