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Cherry Blossom season begins in the South in the Okinawa region as early as January and typically reaches Tokyo between mid-March and mid-April. During this beautiful season Ueno Park in Tokyo is where 1,200 cherry tress bud and blossom into a magnificent sea of color and fragrance. While visiting Ueno Park spend the day there and enjoy the Tokyo National Museum, National Science Museum, as well as the zoological garden. It’s a wonderful day for couples who wish to have a romantic holiday, but it is also a fun time for families with children.

Known to the Japanese as hanami, this traditional Japanese custom of viewing flowers and most especially the Cherry Blossoms, dates back to a time more than one thousand years ago and has been the favored subject of poets and artists alike. The most popular kind of Japanese sakura tree which can be seen in Japan is somei-yoshino, and these trees can be found all over the country.

Picnicking under the blossoming tress, quietly rowing on a lake, and enjoying some food and drink is a big part of Hanami. The stunning flowers are the central attractions of the Hanami festivals, but traditional Japanese dance and theater are also a part of the festivities. Many Japanese like to enjoy tea ceremonies under cherry trees and visitors are welcome to join in. Similar to New Year celebrations many of the parks around Tokyo have light-up events at night in popular hanami spots.

Tokyo’s urban landscape of gleaming modern buildings and skyscrapers, old shopping streets, and glittering neon, create a sense of aesthetics that few cities possess. Juxtapose this with the natural beauty of Sakura and you have a feast for the senses. The blooming period, known as somei-yoshino, is usually short in each region, so interested travelers should check with the Japan National Tourism Organization website for blooming forecasts.


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