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Press release September 29, 2012 Tourism invites all travellers to Shanghai to take advantage of their deeply discounted rooms in Shanghai during the upcoming 2012 – 2013 Fall and Winter Season.

Shanghai at night
  • Situated at the mouth of Yangtze River, Shanghai has become the most influential economic, financial, international trade, cultural, science and technology and tourism center in East China. Recently China has overtaken Spain on the list of the world's top tourism destinations, only surpassed by France and the United States, and Shanghai is the number destination within China with over six million visitors annually.  The UN World Tourism Organization recently predicted that China has the potential to supersede France as the most popular global destination by 2015 with inbound travel to China growing to an incredible 188 million visitors annually. iBooknow.comknows this and has now posted special rates for all listed hotels across China and Shanghai specifically.

Over the last decade Shanghai has blossomed into a modern city that is a unique blend of traditional Chinese and modern Western cultures all of which is evident by simply looking at its skyline and people. Being centrally located in Eastern China Shanghai has become a busy hub for travelers who wish to visit other popular Chinese destinations as well. An important air, rail, bus and water transport hub Shanghai is the perfect place for visitors to Eastern China to either start or end their visit.

Like any metropolitan city of the world Shanghai is abundant in dinning, shopping, nightlife, culture and art, and tourist attractions.

Shanghai cuisine is among some of the finest in China, and the city offers top quality food and world-class service. With all the cuisine of China represented Shanghai is a mecca for foodies who wish to taste Beijing, Sichuan, Hunan, Guangzhou and the local Benbang dishes. Shanghai is also becoming quite well known for its Western cuisines as well and there are virtually no international foods that cannot be found in the city.

With over 23 million local Chinese to cater to the availability of great shopping has also exploded in and around Shanghai in recent years. Nanjing Road is one place to go, with the areas around Huaihai and North Sichuan Road also gaining in popularity with Chinese and foreigners alike. A large bustling city like Shanghai would not be complete without some large shopping centers and the Xujiahui Shopping Center, Yuyuan Shopping City and Jiali Sleepless City are also great places for shopaholics to visit.

If it’s nightlife you are after the Bund has always been the area for night owls. Situated on the banks of the Huangpu River, the Bund is an iconic symbol of both the old and new Shanghai. A good mix of old and new architecture, when viewed at night, the Bund is aglow and sparkling at night and cruising the Huangpu River at night has become a favorite of both locals and visitors. For those who like to dine, party and socialize, Hengshan Road and Xin Tian Di are two must see stops on any Shanghai outing.

Don’t Miss Chinese New Year 2013 in Shanghai 

iBooknow.comencourages travellers to visit Shanghai during the annual Chinese New Year celebrations. This holiday which is held on the Lunar New Year is the biggest of all Chinese holidays with more people traveling than at any other time of the year. The celebrations will start on Sunday February 10th 2013 and run for fifteen days. It will be the year of the Snake. In keeping with the holiday season the city will be decorated and there will be special events all over Shanghai including fireworks, special food, temple fairs, shows, entertainment and parties. So book early and don’t miss out on any of the CNY 2013 events in Shanghai.

Top Shanghai Attractions and Sights:

  • The Bund & Huangpu River
  • Nanjing Road
  • Yuyuan Garden
  • Jade Buddha Temple
  • Xin Tian Di
  • Oriental Pearl TV Tower              
  • Jin Mao Tower    
  • World Financial Center
  • Disneyland         
  • Happy Valley
  • Wild Animal Park
  • Botanical Garden             
  • Ocean Aquarium             
  • Sheshan National Holiday Resort

Historical & Cultural Sites:     

  • Longhua Pagoda & Longhua Temple         
  • Zhujiajiao           
  • Jing'an Temple  
  • Qibao Ancient Town        
  • Confucius Temple            
  • Shanghai Old Street  

A Myriad of Museums In Shanghai

On Famous People:

  • Former Residence of Mao Zedong           
  • Shanghai Lu Xun Museum          
  • Former Residence of Zhang Wentian       
  • Former Residence of Cai Yuanpei           
  • Tao Fen Memorial Hall   
  • Tao Xingzhi Memorial Hall          
  • Shanghai Xu Guangqi Memorial Hall        
  • Former Residence of Li Bai        
  • Huang Daopo Memorial Hall       
  • On Revolution History
  • Site of the Second National Congress of the Communist Party
  • Site of the Central Organs of Chinese Communist Youth League
  • Site of the Office of Delegation of Chinese Communist Party in Shanghai
  • Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese War in Huangpu and Wusong
  • Site of the Editorial Office of Bolsheviki
  • Memorial Hall of the Good Eighth Company
  • Shanghai Longhua Memorial Hall to the Martyrs   
  • Museum of the Struggle History of the Underground Organization of Chinese Communist Part          
  • Site of the Secretary Ministry of Chinese Labor Organization         

On Science:

  • Shanghai Tunnel Science and Technology Museum           
  • Shanghai Magnetic Suspension Transportation Museum    
  • Shanghai Oriental Geology Museum        
  • Shanghai Earthquake Museum    
  • Shanghai Wind and Electricity Museum    

On Industry:

  • Shanghai Bank Museum 
  • Shanghai Museum of Public Security        
  • Shanghai Navy Museum 
  • Shanghai Jiangnan Ship-building Museum
  • China Dairy Industry Museum    
  • Lidao Stock Exchange Museum   
  • Shanghai Post Museum  
  • Shanghai Astronomy Museum     
  • Shanghai Railway Museum         
  • Shanghai Spaceflight Science and Technology Museum     
  • Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine           
  • Shanghai Dong Haoyun Maritime Museum           

On Art:

  • Liu Haisu Art Museum    
  • Zhu Yizhan Museum      
  • Shanghai Industrial Art Museum 
  • Shanghai Sculpture Art Center    
  • Glaze Workshop and Glaze Art Museum  
  • Shanghai Chinese Painting Museum         
  • Art+ Shanghai   

Miscellaneous Museums:

  • Jiading Museum
  • Songjiang Museum        
  • Yuyuan Garden
  • Qingpu Museum
  • New World Shi Ku Men Museum 
  • Shanghai Children Museum        
  • San Shan Guild Museum             
  • Chinese Martial Arts Museum                 
  • China Ichthyic Culture Museum               
  • Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments             
  • Fudan University Museum                      
  • Museum of Printing                    
  • C.Y.Tung Maritime Museum                   
  • Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine                       
  • "Tongji and Expo" Exhibition                   
  • Shanghai Porcelain Art Museum              
  • China Numismatic Museum                    
  • Shanghai Textile Museum                       
  • Shanghai Material Museum         

Some Special Dates and Events for Shanghai:

September 2012

  • Shanghai International Lantern Festival - September 5th to October 14th

October 2012

  • National Day – October 1, 2012
  • Shanghai International Arts Festival
  • Tennis Masters Cup - mid / late October

December 2012

  • Shanghai Marathon – December 2nd 2012
  • Shanghai International Arts Festival – all of December

January 2013

  • International New Year's Holiday – January 1st and 2nd 2013

February 2013

  • Chinese New Year/CNY 2013 - February 10th to 25th 2013

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