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How to write a press release that gets you publicity

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PressPort has collected a number of tips for writing press releases. Feel free to use them when writing a press release so you increase your chance of being mentioned in the news.

Press release writing on typewriter

It may be hard to write a good press release - especially if you have never done it before. PressPort has been working with PR for many years and has helped a large number of companies and organizations with communications, press releases and publishing of press releases worldwide.

If you are going to write your first press release or plan to write more press releases, you can use the following PR tips / checklist to write your stories.

Our free PR tips for writing press releases can be used as a checklist. It takes practice to become a good writer and journalists spend many years on it before they get really skilled. If you do not want to write your own press releases, contact PressPort - we have plenty of skilled people and contacts that can help - both with content, message and the text of the press release itself.

Press release headline - This is how you draft a good headline for your press release

  • Must be exciting and arouse interest!
    - The headline always tells the entire press release's message. The heading must sell the message / press release text - if not, you will probably not get coverage. Find a headline that is relevant to the recipient you try to reach and remember that your recipient is always the reader - not the journalist or media you send to. For example, ask yourself the question if the message in your press release is interesting and relevant to the reader.
  • The press release's headline should be relevant to the rest of the press release
  • The headline of the press release must be unique
    - A previously used headline / story can provide punishment points with journalists, but also on search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), resulting in lost coverage.
    - Make different versions of the press release if you have different target groups - e.g. business stories, local press, professional press, etc.

Press release subdivision / teaser

  • Make a subdivision of max. 2 lines, which is an elaboration of the press release's headline

Press release body text / content: 4-6 paragraphs

  • The first 3-4 paragraphs:
    - The essence of the press release must be stated, i.e. who, what, where and when
  • Next section:
    - The importance and perspective of the press release for the reader (eg "it's easier, better, cheaper", "now possible", "has an impact on", etc.).
  • Last section:
    - source statements, fact box, background info, etc.



  • The style of the press release must always be informative and not selling (ad-like texts means waste of yours and journalists time)
  • The sentences must be clear, short and practical
  • The press release must contain only one (1) message. Do you have more messages, then write more press releases
  • Spell check! We forget about it every now and then when we write texts (at PressPort we are guilty of that, too). Journalists work with tight deadlines, so your text should be flawless. Journalists rarely have time to correct your text and they will find it easier to find other press releases, news and stories.

Formalalities for press releases

  • Press releases should fill up to an A4 page. A press release is a message - not a novel;)
  • Press releases typically have 4-6 sections in total
  • Headings in press releases should typically not contain company / product names - and no full stop
  • Remember to insert contact(s) with phone (mobile and direct), as well as email.
  • NO REPRESENTATIVE OR © ® ™ characters in the text - The press release must under no circumstances be an ad. Always sell the message in your press release with a good story rather than a price or a bargain offer.
  • Never insert prices in the text a la "Buy now for xx dollars" - ad-like press releases usually have a poor effect and reach
  • Forget words like amazing, groundbreaking, unique, outstanding, etc. - i.e. no self-raising superlatives
  • Numbers from 1 to 10 are written in letters - one, two, three, four, etc.
  • If you attach pictures, be sure to write a caption for each image. When uploading images to the PressPorts PR platform, rename images using a few words. This will make it easier for search engines to find both your photos, but also your press releases
  • Attacks on persons and organizations, redundancies of competing companies and the like need to be avoided

If you need assistance with your press release, you can use PressPort to draw on a professional network of journalists. The network can help you write, rewrite, as well as publish and target your press releases message.

In addition to the use of textualization of press releases, news and promotional material, PressPort also offers distribution of press releases internationally, media monitoring of print and online media, as well as translation of your press release. 


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