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Press release May 4, 2010 Construction

Geocel are a high-quality UK manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and building chemicals for the construction industry and leaders in the development, formulation, manufacture of these products. Many of Geocel’s brands such as “Painters Mate”, “Trade Mate” and “the WORKS” enjoy market leading positions and have been the professional’s products of choice for many years

Geocel are constantly seeking to improve and extend its product range and have made a commitment to developing environmentally sustainable products, achieving the BS EN ISO 14001 Environmental standard in 2004. Geocel were the first to launch a range of effective eco friendly building chemicals that contain no hydrochloric acid or other harmful solvents and are safe to use and store, and also the “EcoSEAL” range of sealants that reduce landfill wastage by up to 8 times in both weight and volume.

Geocel's accreditation to BS EN ISO 14001 has contributed significantly to the company’s commitment to sustainability with significant improvements in waste reduction, energy efficiency and recycling. The company has been awarded by Envision in recognition of their actions to minimise environmental impacts and improve environmental efficiency.

Geocel’s “the WORKS” is the ultimate sealant and adhesive and brand new to the Australian market. This product is fast-acting and ultra-strength which works on virtually any surface in any condition. “the WORKS” will give a secure bond and seal quickly, easily and reliably without shrinkage or staining, no matter what the material and in all weathers, and can even be applied under water.

Based on a newly developed “Scypolymer” formula, “the WORKS” is environmentally friendly and safe to use. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, it is non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive and there are no nasty chemicals or odours to worry about so it can be used in confined spaces and public areas. It will also resist mould growth when used as a sealant.

“the WORKS” is so versatile that it would be quicker to list the applications that it cannot be used on. Perfect for metal work, wood working, general maintenance, brick and stone work, tiling, plumbing, and roof repair. It performs outstandingly when applied to metal, wood, brick, stone, plastic, tiles, and ceramics offering an incredibly high-strength bond in minutes without the need in most cases for secondary fixings and can be immediately over painted with water based paints.

“the WORKS” is the perfect ‘back of the van’ product for any professional tradesman. It is available in White, Black, Brown, Grey, Oak, Beige and also Crystal Clear.

See “the WORKS” demo video on our website

To become a distributor or for supply details call Geocel UK on +44 1752 334367.