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Easy and smart control of your home

Press release September 15, 2008 Electronics

LinTronic makes it possible to use Bang&Olufsen Beo4 and Beo5 remotes for control of non-B&O products: media and sound servers, audio/video, lights, curtains, garage door, computer, etc.


For a long time it has been a nightmare with the increasing number of remote controls piling up on the coffee table and it be quite a job to simply find the right remote for the product you want to control. Furthermore there is an increasing demand of being able to control the house from the bedroom or the hall.

LinTronic have developed a Universal Signal Converter (TT455-RT-238), which translates signals from for example a Bang&Olufsen remote control into non-B&O signals, which allows you to control virtually all devices in your home by ONE remote.

The -238 is configured by means of an easy-to-use computer program, for a perfect control of your products. The configuration can be changed as you buy new products.

"In particular we experience that B&O customers buying a new non-B&O television or projector for the home cinema, want to control it from the B&O remote." says Michael Lindgaard, the developer behind the -238, "but also non-B&O customers wanting a simple control of their audio/video products, their music and films on the computer, lights, curtains, etc. etc. are thrilled about our products when they learn that they can use a nicely designed B&O remote."

"Our customers enjoy semi- og fully automatic control of all brands of tv, projector, screen, amplifier, source selection, lights, curtains, fireplace. One example is "when I hit Play, roll down the screen, turn on the projector, close the curtains, dim the lights, etc." explains Michael Lindgaard. "The combinations are endless and we have a lot of fun while controlling our home."

"It is very easy to get started, as we control the products the customer already have and we get the best out of them. We can make cost-effective and smart solutions which by far exceed what others offer, which often require the customer to use specific products." claims Michael Lindgaard.

"We have through the past 4 years sold to more than 45 countries and our products are today installed around the world in thousands of private homes as well as hotels, restaurants, casinos, pleasure boats, hunting cabins, etc." confirms Michael Lindgaard.

"Our products are used in both open and hidden installations. Either as stand-alone solutions in single rooms or as part of a network covering parts of or the whole the house with or without a centralized computer control and thus we bridge operation and communication between products never intended to work together: Media and sound servers, lights, curtains, alarm systems, access control, garage door, cameras, etc." informs Michael Lindgaard.

LinTronic, Denmark develop, produce and customize electronic products and computer-programs for the modern home and office. Our professional customers count for example B&O, Bose, Imerge, Lutron, Crestron, AMX and many many more.

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