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Crypto-lending business launches regulated investment fund

Press release January 8, 2019 Cryptocurrency Lending Regulation Cryptonews Investing

Australian-based, government-regulated cryptocurrency lender, Helio Lending today confidently launched a new arm of its business, the Helio Secured Income Fund — a regulated Managed Investment Scheme with an Australian Financial Services Licence — investors are now able to indirectly invest in cryptocurrency assets while targeting a return of 9.75% a year, net of all fees.

The aim of the Helio Secured Income Fund is to provide Helio Lending with the liquidity to fund loan applications from across the globe. The Helio Secured Income Fund is an Australian, unregistered, open-ended unit trust open to Wholesale Clients, with a minimum investment of $50,000.

The Fund offers investors an opportunity to invest in a select range of income producing strategies.

The Helio Secured Income Fund has a management team with an extensive background in funds management, investment banking, corporate finance and compliance and regulation. Helio Secured Income Fund and First Guardian Capital are the investment managers of the Fund. They will assess investment opportunities with reference to the Fund’s investment objective, investment strategy and investment parameters.

Managing Director and Founder of Helio Lending, John O’Shea, recently stated that the “Helio Secured Income Fund is an exciting way for wholesale clients to expose their portfolio’s to cryptocurrency returns, without having to worry about the asset’s high volatility.”

Australians bought $4 billion of cryptocurrency in 2017 alone. Each day, Australia averages transactions totaling $2.8 million (or 276 BTC) in digital assets (Cointelegraph, 2018).


Throughout the world, many people have expanded their perception of: what constitutes an asset; of how assets can be held; and of how assets can be transferred.


Helio Lending is pioneering the crypto-asset backed lending market with an estimated $20 billion of crypto assets in Australia untapped. Helio will enable the use of approved digital assets to borrow money to pay for normal consumer transactions, such as luxury goods, property and other lending acquisitions.  


Helio Lending, and Helio Secured Income Fund, are now open to expressions of interest via their website They welcome all wholesale clients to make enquiries.


John +61 404355140


Cryptocurrency Lending Regulation Cryptonews Investing